Drag and Drop Standard modules

I want to offer only specific modules for building a drag and drop e-mail, so that the CI from your company can be respected!

It would be great, that super admins can manage the modules, which should be displayed on the drag and drop function.

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Great idea Nina. Please keep persistent and push it till execution. 

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This is a critical feature! The drag-and-drop email editor is a fantastic tool, but the inability to standardize the header and footer, for example, is leading to brand AND compliance issues.

Giving our marketers the freedom to edit easily is crucial. But standardizing key areas ensures we stay on brand and compliant. 


Yes, I know I can create one on-brand email that folks can clone. But when things get busy, marketers simply delete or reorder elements which are then cloned, and then recloned. It's a disaster. 


Please allow us to "lock" certain areas of the drag and drop email or create 'templates' that are team has limited customization over.