Drag and Drop (DnD) Right Click Navigator


Sometimes things can be tricky to navigate to if there is negative margin or hidden modules on mobile. It would be nice to have right click navigation similar to elementor's.

Their's has arrangement capabilities, but I'm more concerned with just finding things or accessing specific sections on a page when clicking around doesn't work.

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Would being able to see columns, rows, and sections within the "contents" tab of the page solve this issue?

Also as a developer would us hijacking the right click context menu be annoying or acceptable, to provide functionality?
(This would make it harder to inspect the page within the editor. Which may be useful when troubleshooting a display bug in a module that only occurs within the page editor. That's probably a rare occurence though.)

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Possibly frustrating for devs and ideally a toggle of some sort would be a good idea to turn the functionality off. As a last resort, however, I'd just f12 or cmd+opt+j it and inspect. The contents tab is ok, but I've never encountered a marketer who knows to use it. Furthermore, the contents tab only shows modules. Maybe a quick compromise would be to organize the contents tab into sections>columns>modules like the example above.

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Por que no los dos? 


As a counter to John's point above, our team LOVES the content sidebar, and I've always thought a section/row/column/module tree in this area would be pretty natural and helpful. 

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Then definitely dos @Mark_Ryba 😁