Drag & Drop functionality for Blog Posts


As all of you might know the current blog post is just a simple rich-text which is fine for general posting. But many of our customers want a flexible solution. Like multi-column grids with different content-types like images, text, accordions/toogles ... 


The only way to achive this right now is a custom module with all possible content types and pre-defined layouts and a repeater function. 


It would be awesome if the blog post would get the drag&drop functionality so that every customer/user could design each blog post to his needs. 

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YES!! So glad you posted this as I was about to. Though I would also add the Blog Listing Page as for some reason it is the same where it is quite locked into the theme you are using. Unlike the rest of your Main Website pages. Hoping this can be a change that comes sooner than later as the blog is easily my least favorite element of my own website and the CMS as a whole. Would make a world of difference to have this updated.


I want to second what everyone else has said. Not having a drag/drop editor for blogs is a HUGE miss. 


100% agree - furthermore, I think the idea of the 'blog' should really be repackaged as 'collections'. As it can be used for so many things beyond a blog. 

For example, the site I'm creating wanted a listing page of the 5 core services and then a separate page for each service. Each service has language and an image that should be consistent wherever listed in the entire site. If I were to just make separate pages I would have to manually add that language and image, whereas if I use the 'blog' and make each service a 'post', I can create the listing page, create a 'post' page, and then if I ever list them anywhere else in the site, I can use a loop to cycle through the posts and grab the language and image. 

The same is true for work 'case studies'. The only problem I'm running into there is that unlike the 'services' example above where I could get away with a static template for each service,  case study 'posts' can be wildly different from one another, some might use 2 column image rows, others might use videos, etc. Not having the ability to drag and drop really complicates things. I'm now having to code a really complex module (MOAM, mother of all modules) that can handle all types of content. Feels extremely dirty. 


Can we fast track this already.


As SMetcalf suggested we can start by loosing the 'blog' label, and call it 'collections'. I have a very similar use case. Our content layouts across a content type varies. It makes for a more engaging website experience.


Pages are fine for a few top level pages, but is a really cumbersome way to manage content in a so called CMS. Personally I think this approach that is loosely based on Wordpress seems like a good familar approach, but even wordpress has Switched to a drag and drop system for its posts.

In a world where current CMS's are building with highly flexible layout options, HubSpot CMS is dated.

My points of reference are October CMS, Expression Engine & Directus Headless CMS


It would equally be nice to choose between two or three "types" of Blog Templates dedicated to certain types of contents...
Event presentation
Product launching....

Instead of being required to select a single template for the entire Blog

Status updated to: In Planning
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Thank you for filing this idea!


Lot's of good comments in this thread. There are a few notable features we are either actively working on or thinking about now that will make the blog experience more friendly and flexible for content creators. 


For blog posts, we are working on making it possible to insert modules into the blog post body. While this will not allow full layout customization per post, it will allow a more complex post body with any default or custom modules. 


We are additionally working on making both the blog listing template (in development) and blog post template (in planning) editable within the content editor, which will make it easier for content creators to modify their blog post and listing templates (drag and drop modules, edit modules fields, etc.). 


I will report back when we have any public betas on these features!






I actually got confused this was already a feature since you can create a template that allows its user to drag n drop modules. But it wasn't immediately obvious that it's for landing pages only.

I would definitely love to use modules, templates, and themes at the blog.


I would also like to add, keep the API docs updated as you implement please 🙂