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Draft email disappearing

It came to my attention that this issue happened to me and a lot of my co-workers. I've submitted a support ticket and I've been re-directed to the HubSpot community. So I'm asking for your help to get the attention this issue needs.

I can spend a lot of time working on an email I'll send to a client, but all of a sudden it will disappear and I have to start from scratch.


This is one of the most frustrating feelings I had working with a tool. All your efforts vanish in a second. The first time it happened I thought it was my fault that I accidentally pressed CTRL+A+deleted. But it happened again and again randomly without me leaving/changing the page.

I now work on my emails in Google doc / Word documents. Which makes no sense at all, we're paying top dollars to have a CRM that allows us to send email to customers/leads, I think that the minimum would be that the email functions actually work without having to turn off all your chrome extension, go into private navigation or type from google doc/word.

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It happened to me too. It's getting frustrating and not convenient at all when you feel that you have to save somewhere else a long email that you are preparing, in case it would be wiped out.


Please make sure to analyze and correct this situation asap.


Thank you!


I too have this issue, and found it happens when I press Enter in a block of text for a previously typed paragraph (to create a new line). It's mindboggling to say the least, especially as it is not repeatable on demand. The worst part is that trying the undo function won't even bring the text back, instead the text is truly lost. 


HubSpot support told me to (in addition to upvoting your idea) try removing browser extensions or use Chrome's Incognito mode to compile emails in hopes that this is a frontend browser issue, though like those of you above I just have resorted to using notepad to compile my email then copy and pasting into HubSpot to send the email.


Hubspot only seems to download information when you access an Object, and uploads when you specifically Save or change a critical property (like Pipeline).


I've noticed that if a co-worker adjusts an Object and I'm still accessing it, I won't be able to see the changes. That's because nothing changes for a User until the next time they refresh. It's incredibly frustrating when working a Ticket, as it's possible for another User to work the same ticket and duplicate your efforts. Unlike other ticketing systems, there's no way to tell if more than one person is accessing a record. Hubspot Support recommended I communicate more with my team as a solution.


So I guess it makes sense that a drafted email wouldn't auto-save due to that behavior, but it's hilarious to me that I'm writing this post on a Hubspot website using a text box that *does* auto-save. It seems Hubspot's features are selectively applied throughout their ecosystems, like how the Merge action exists for Contacts, Companies, and Tickets - but not Deals.


Its such an awful, sinking feeling to work on an email for 30 minutes or more only to lose that email because it doesn't autosave. Additionally, sometimes I'll use the copy/paste shortcut on my mac and suddenly all the work i've put into that email disappears or reverts back to a version i started with half an hour ago. GRRRR!!!

HubSpot Employee

HubSpot employee passing this on in behalf of a customer, this also happened when they were writing a draft in their Support inbox, they go back into the body to create a new paragraph, and when they press enter the whole draft disappears. Very frustrating experience if it can be looked into by the team!


WOW - talk about frustrating!! We used ZenDesk at a previous company of mine and never had issues like this. In addition to ther UI and functionality being significantly better than Hubspot's (and that's comparing it to ZD from 3 years ago), we did not have to worry about nonsense like this. It seems that Hubspot is missing the mark on more and more "basic" things like this. 


This has happened to me several times and is incredibly frustrating. 


I just wrote a long email and the tab refreshed for some reason, I lost everything ! 30 min of work gone. How can I find draft emails back? 


I was on the contact and hit "reply to all". 


I am new to HS and this has happened to me twice today!

So many other CRM's save drafts on a regular basis so that IF something happens the maximum you lose is limited. It is especially annoying when one is on a role and an interruption, phone call, call of nature, whatever, distracts and the theme/mood/idea is lost!! And as one gets older, even forget who you were writing too....



Happened to me today as well.
30mins on a carefully crafted email that's worth tens of thousands of dollars of business.
Vanished when I hit send...
Please fix this somehow, save drafts or something, just like gmail.


This happens to me all the time.  I believe it has something to do with typing I followed by delete.  Right before everything deletes do you notice an I but the blinking cursor is on the left side of the I as you continue to type?  I had noticed that everytime it happens an I appears, and then when I hit return BOOM, gone.  


So, if someone could confirm this theory maybe we'd have something to share with the Hubspot support team.  Start typing out an email in Hubspot, just a quick sentence, then type an I and immediately hit delete.  Then hit return.  Did the sentence disappear?  If so - that's the issue folks.


I am able to repeat this issue multiple times by doing the above.  If this is happening with everyone else - this would be what's causing us to lose our work.  Hubspot needs to fix this asap.  I have lost some stellar emails.  


Agree, that Hubspot is behind the times with not having a draft automatically saving as one types.  This feature should absolutely be prioritized.


This happens to me almost everyday. It's incredibly frustrating. I loose so much efficiency and would love to see this fixed!


It's getting frustrating and not convenient at all when you feel that you have to save somewhere else a long email that you are preparing, in case it would be wiped out. It happened to me too.


Is there any solution from HubSpot team regarding this disappearing draft email? It's very frustrating since this just happens to me.