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Downloadable call recordings

It would be great to be able to download call recordings from the browser (I understand that you can do it through the API now) so that we send the recordings to others outside our organization.

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This would bi great!!!

We use the recording for our marketing interview (blog and document content).

After we use dragons to make a speech to text before editing the text ...

this option would save us lost of time to concentrate to the marking goal


Thank you for having such a great system and flexibility!

I love hubspot marketing

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 Yes this would be fantastic and much needed. 

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Yes, please, this would be extremely helpful. Thank you!

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that would be so useful!! plz. 

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Yes!! That would be great to be able to export the list of the calls made by anyone in order to filter and make the proper follow up.


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Please make this happen! 


Great value would be given if HubSpot had this!

HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Hello guys, turns out you can download call recordings from the browser using the Network tab in Chrome DevTools. See this video for a demonstration: https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/3967897/2d188e44d1a54df3b9247d610ec00377.mp4


(as an aside, another option is to use the HubSpot Engagements API (e.g. this endpoint) -- each call with a recording will have a "recordingUrl" attribute with a link to the mp3 file. This might be the correct approach if you are looking to download recordings in bulk, for example)

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This is super important to my operations! This really should be available.  Thanks!

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This is very important for our compant. Most of our content interviews are recorded and not being able to send them out for transcription is a real disappointment. It's a big part of our long form content strategy.