Double opt-in confirmation for specific subscription only / syncing chosen subscription in form

With the new GDPR form features, I can choose a specific subscription a contact gets when filling out a form (e.g. "Other communication"). I want the contact to confirm this subscription via double opt-in, which can be enabled in the settings. 


What is happening in this use case, though, is that when a new contact confirms the double opt-in with a click in the confirmation email, the contact is signed into ALL subscription types we have, not just the one I chose on the form. 


While GDPR does not explicitly require double opt-ins, it does require users to confirm every type of communication that they want to receive sperately, which means on subscription type level. So the way this works right now we can't even use the double opt-in function.


Thanks for tackling this asap.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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This should be resolved!


For GDPR enabled portals DOI will act to confirm the contact can be emailed but not opt contacts into all email, they are only opted into the email types they explicitly subscribed to.