Double-opt in configuration per Form not per page


we have restricitive requirements here in Germany (Double-opt-in) for emails. I would like allow customers to sign up the Newsletter (e.g. in the Footer) and fill in a contact form on the same page. If I activitate the double opt-in, both actions the form and the NL will trigger the opt-in workflow, which does not make sense. I just want the NL form to trigger this process.. Turning Double opt-in on or off per page does not help here. If we could trigger double-opt-in Workflow at the form level, all problem would be solved...


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Jun 3, 2020

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May 28, 2020

Hi all!


Product manager for the Subscriptions team here, this is an excellent idea and one I agree should be tackled. We won't be able to make any movement on this in the immediate future, though I am keeping it on my radar and will be providing updates as we get closer to actioning this.

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Still need this.  




I completely agree with this. It should be possible to enable double opt-in per form to comply with gdpr regulations.


We absolutely need this. It is not even possible to set the opt in for an email address via the api.