Double-opt in configuration per Form not per page

we have restricitive requirements here in Germany (Double-opt-in) for emails. I would like allow customers to sign up the Newsletter (e.g. in the Footer) and fill in a contact form on the same page. If I activitate the double opt-in, both actions the form and the NL will trigger the opt-in workflow, which does not make sense. I just want the NL form to trigger this process.. Turning Double opt-in on or off per page does not help here. If we could trigger double-opt-in Workflow at the form level, all problem would be solved...


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If you want to DOI contacts on a form on your website, you could embed a Hubspot form. They will go through the default DOI process in Hubspot if you have that enabled. If you have your own custom form, such as an account sign up page and want to solicit email subscription you could create your own workflow/double opt in process. You would need to connect to Hubspot through an API wich might require custom development, but possible. 

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Hi Clusian,

thanks for the advice. We have actually implemented the D-optin with a workflow on a per form basis. This can be done easily. Nevertheless, the objective of hubspot should be, that if they offer opt-in, this should be done in a practical manner (per form basis). They cannot expect their customers to work via the API for a simple requirement such as organizing double-opt-in. 



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We have the same issue. Possibility to enabled the DOI on the form level (as well as the page level) would be very helpful. We communicate in different countries and this feature would allow us to be more flexible. Thank you for taking all our comments in consideration!


I'd also support this. Our PII collection is done exlusively through HubSpot forms with WP/PHP site being custom, and double opt in also only applies to some specific forms. To expect us to be GDPR compliant without the ability to turn these workflows on for certain forms is unrealistic.

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I absolutely support this. I'd additionally like to see the double opt-in feature be selectable by Subscription Type. We currently have eight subscription types, and not all of them need a double opt-in process. Moreover, I don't want to use the same exact confirmation email for each of the different subscriptions that do use a double opt-in. I need to tailor the message based on type of email they are subscribing to (e.g. newsletter vs blog subscription vs general marketing info).

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Ohhh yes. We need that, too. I am playing around with hidden forms being filled out when we scan a business card and it always sends out and opt in mail when some "fills out the hidden form". You will expect some confused faces when we scan their card and they get an DOI mail. Thats not the way it should be. 

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Badly need this!

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Hi there! I couldn't agree more with the previous arguments. Having a Double Opt-In that can be selectively turned on / off for individual forms, not pages is crucial in my opinion. I hope this will be added as a feature soon.

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This is also a huge problem for our company. We got the entreprise license to be able to use Hubspot in Europe and USA and are very disappointed that this German-only required feature can't be set up for German forms only and has to be activated for all Hubspot forms. Our websites are external so even the "enable/disable on specific pages only" option doesn't work as we have no hubspot hosted pages. Please find a solution soon!!

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