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Double-opt in configuration per Form not per page

we have restricitive requirements here in Germany (Double-opt-in) for emails. I would like allow customers to sign up the Newsletter (e.g. in the Footer) and fill in a contact form on the same page. If I activitate the double opt-in, both actions the form and the NL will trigger the opt-in workflow, which does not make sense. I just want the NL form to trigger this process.. Turning Double opt-in on or off per page does not help here. If we could trigger double-opt-in Workflow at the form level, all problem would be solved...


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May 28, 2024 11:08 AM

Hi everyone, I’m Markie a Product Manager working within HubSpot’s Messaging Experience group. I’m pleased to announce that the ability to choose which forms to trigger double opt-in was made publicly available earlier this year. You can view the product update in your portal here. Thank you to all who submitted, voted, and commented on this Idea. If you need additional methods for triggering double opt-in beyond forms and pages, I’d encourage you to visit this idea to vote and share your use case. Thanks again

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May 28, 2020 07:15 AM

Hi all!


Product manager for the Subscriptions team here, this is an excellent idea and one I agree should be tackled. We won't be able to make any movement on this in the immediate future, though I am keeping it on my radar and will be providing updates as we get closer to actioning this.


I would also apprciate a double opt-in per form!


Hi guys,

as this topic doesn't seem to get as much awareness as we'd probably want it to, I got in touch with HS customer support and after multiple tries, Emily from HS provided some great workaround tactics to get the job done, so I thought I'd share it with you. I followed Emily's advice, with a few tweaks to make the customized DOI Workflow work for me.


Hope this helps!



Here you go:


"Here is an example of how you would set-up your own customised DOI:

You would need to build the DOI process itself as a workflow. The following is necessary for this:


- Contact property "DOI Status" with the values "confirmed" "not confirmed" (How to create custom properties)


- active list with criteria "form submission" and "DOI status does not exist"


- active list with criteria "DOI status is not confirmed" (This is the list that must always be excluded when sending emails)


- active list with criteria "DOI status is confirmed" (These contacts may receive an email)


Please see the screenshots to see how the workflow would be set-up, to be newsletter form specific.


The enrollment criteria form can be either form submission or list membership directly (list criteria: completing forms and contact property DOI status exists). The emails and the call-to-action contained, therefore, must be created accordingly- as well as a contact property "DOI Status", which regulates whether someone has confirmed the DOI or not.


Please note - if using your own customised DOI, make sure the HubSpot DOI setting is turned off ;)"


image006.pngimage002 (1).png


Same here. A possibility to turn off double-opt-in per form would be great!


We don't use hubspot pages, but we do use hubspot forms to capture newsletter opt-ins. We can't use the double opt-in feature as is because we only want it to trigger for certain forms, not all of them. Having a double opt in work against forms rather than pages would help a lot. I believe for now we will have to build our own workflow for double opt-in.


We also would highly appreciate a double opt in function for forms. Our coleeagues from the US are using a lot of hubspot landing pages but we don't do that. At the moment the double opt in option is enabled but we would like to disable it for some forms.

We're looking forward to having DOI for forms in the near future 🙂


I would LOVE to see this. I have double opt in turned on, but wanted to send a 'we've received your form submission' email to anyone who submits the HubSpot contact form on our website, which is impossible. Having double opt in on a form by form basis would be ideal.


We could also benefit from this. We have an embedded Hubspot form on an external URL (not a Hubspot page) that we would love to be able to disable the double opt-in confirmation email just for this form. We do not want to market to these people at all and we do not want them to receive the opt-in confirmation email after submission of the form. We have to keep the double opt-in due to GDPR for all other forms except for this particular form which is not on a hubspot page that otherwise we could disable and its not an option to make this page a Hubspot page for the website.


Hello, For France also would be very useful to have the opportunity to actviver or not the double opt-in as the RGPD currently.

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Hi, is there any update on this?


I want to add my support to this idea as well. Forms instead of landing pages. In addition, I'd like to suggest that the DOI functionality be automatically tied to the GDPR consent elements in forms.


@hubspot this feature is urgently needed! Please make the Double Opt-in FORM based. We do not want customers getting the DOI email if they just use our contact form....Please provide a FIX ASAP!!


Bonjour @hcheney ,

la fonctionnalité va bientôt arriver, et pour le moment l'idée du workflow et des liste de @BastiSchuhl  est une très bonne idée, et qui correspond totalement avec la légalité.


Ce pendant si vous avez des difficulté à le mettre en place, n'hésitez pas à me contacter en MP.




Hello @hcheney,


the functionality will soon arrive, and for the moment the idea of workflow and @BastiSchuhl , list is a very good idea, and which corresponds completely with the legality.


However, if you have difficulty setting it up, don't hesitate to contact me as a PM.

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Hi all!


Product manager for the Subscriptions team here, this is an excellent idea and one I agree should be tackled. We won't be able to make any movement on this in the immediate future, though I am keeping it on my radar and will be providing updates as we get closer to actioning this.

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Could someone please explain to me how I would get around my issue please?


I only have the starter HS and i sell digital products all over the world. Due to the GDPR, I can only send marketing emails to those who tick the consent box. That then needs a double opt-in, which is fine, but when I then want to send out marketing emails to other that have not needed to double opt-in it says I can't send emails to those who have not opted in?!


I also don't want people on the website who give reviews or simply sign up getting a weird email asking to opt-in!


How can I work around this as I don't have workflows in my HS. 


HS is pretty much useless to my unless i can do this 😞 



+1 Optin manageable at form level would be much easier to handle.

I find just being able to select pages manually is prone to errors and we can't take the risk in countries like Germany where the double optin rule is sharp.


Please allow a double opt-in option per-form. Thank you! 


Right now I can't use the double-opt-in feature because not all of the embedded forms I plan to use will be for email subscriptions. Some of them will be for ebook downloads or event registrations where I want to ask the question (unchecked box) if they want to receive more emails - but it's not the main purpose of the form and not everyone will subscribe at that point. 


We would also like this, for the same reason - our contact form is used for sales leads, and we don't want them to get an email confirming them to our newsletter before we've had the time to reach out about the lead. However, when people sign up in our footer for our newsletter, we'd want them to get the notification.




I am suprised that the process to set up a simple newsletter subscription in the footer that complies with the Dutch e-mail marketing laws is so hard to do at the moment. It would be great to just have the option to set up double opt-in for the form with a corresponding e-mail.