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Double-opt in configuration per Form not per page

we have restricitive requirements here in Germany (Double-opt-in) for emails. I would like allow customers to sign up the Newsletter (e.g. in the Footer) and fill in a contact form on the same page. If I activitate the double opt-in, both actions the form and the NL will trigger the opt-in workflow, which does not make sense. I just want the NL form to trigger this process.. Turning Double opt-in on or off per page does not help here. If we could trigger double-opt-in Workflow at the form level, all problem would be solved...


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+1 on behalf of a customer. 


Any updates on this feature request?
We really need the DOI on form level. As our website is not managed with Hubspot... 


Hubspot! Please update your double opt-in feature. Right now it's limited and we need more flexibility. Ideal feature capability - allow us to enable double opt-in per form. Or instead (and least preferred), allow us to enable double opt-in for non-hubspot landing pages.


The pickle we're in today is that we want double opt-in's only for our newsletter form. This form is used on several non-hubspot landing pages across our website. So today, we can't use the double opt-in feature at all. It doesn't make sense for other forms, so it's kind of an all or nothing scenario for us. We want to keep our CRM data clean, with quality contacts, and not being able to use double opt-in is an inhibitor. 


10000000000% agree! I just submitted the same idea. Considering this was originally submitted in 2017 - can we get this on the product roadmap?


it's been 6 years since this was submitted. how has there been no movement on this?

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We urgently need a solution here!

We have clients who have contest forms on external landing pages in use. If a DOI mail is sent, it looks to the user as if he has signed up for a newsletter, which is not the case here. This can lead to annoyed users.


There is no possibility to exclude DOI on forms placed on non HubSpot pages.

Furthermore we have noticed that when Double opt-in is enabled for some pages only, HubSpot no longer pays attention to the Marketing email confirmation status when sending marketing emails. For HubSpot to respect the Marketing email confirmation status while sending marketing emails, the Double opt-in must be enabled for all pages. Therefor, enable Double opt-in only for some pages is not an option as well.


This was submitted 6 years ago, so please TAKE ACTION here!


@MFischer your observations on marketing email confirmation status are shocking, on top of all the broken and incomplete functionality around DOI in HubSpot.

PLEASE HubSpot - don't make things so incredibly hard on EU users.

Those are the moments, my team is seriously considering walking away from the whole HubSpot CRM. This kind of torture will be a retention problem for sure. Our tech stack is constantly evolving, please follow along. It's 2023 and GDPR is a reality for EU businesses.

I'll set aside resources for our 2024 budget to transfer our CRM to another provider if this isn't taken care of within a month. The change to also allow for forms (instead of pages) to be used is straightforward and inline with how your customers are dependent on HS forms.

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+1000 - we need a solution here. Pls send an update!


I'm surprised you have not developed this feature yet, for such an important part of the process. We're using forms outside hubspot pages and it makes little sense to me that you don't prioratise such a feature. It makes Hubspot look very amateur in front of colleagues who are pushing to get salesforce 😄 

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HubSpt, please, please, please make some progress here. As mentioned so often by others in this thread, this is a massive flaw in HubSpot's DOI/Email Marketing Logic and a huge argument to use other/additional email systems next to HubSpot.

@TylerScionti can we get an update on this, please? Original Idea says "not currently planned" while the only HubSpot Update post from May 202 shows "In Planning". Thank you!


We want to set up double opt-in for specific forms, not pages. Not all forms require a double opt-in. For example, registering for a webinar differs from signing up for a newsletter. A contact might be more intentional about the webinar than they would be for a newsletter subscription. 


And now that we can embed HubSpot forms on different pages, including non-HubSpot pages, the current "Pages" enable option isn't sufficient.


This feature would give more control to marketing professionals.


I have truthfully never seen this done with ANY CRM system and I've never understood why.  The DOI system is so basic it's essentially unusable.  I would absolutely love to see this!

HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone, I’m Markie a Product Manager working within HubSpot’s Messaging Experience group. I’m pleased to announce that the ability to choose which forms to trigger double opt-in was made publicly available earlier this year. You can view the product update in your portal here. Thank you to all who submitted, voted, and commented on this Idea. If you need additional methods for triggering double opt-in beyond forms and pages, I’d encourage you to visit this idea to vote and share your use case. Thanks again