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Double-opt in configuration per Form not per page

we have restricitive requirements here in Germany (Double-opt-in) for emails. I would like allow customers to sign up the Newsletter (e.g. in the Footer) and fill in a contact form on the same page. If I activitate the double opt-in, both actions the form and the NL will trigger the opt-in workflow, which does not make sense. I just want the NL form to trigger this process.. Turning Double opt-in on or off per page does not help here. If we could trigger double-opt-in Workflow at the form level, all problem would be solved...


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Jaqueline Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner | Certified Trainer
Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner | Certified Trainer

I would also apprciate a double opt-in per form. For us the main reason is that you can only choose pages which are build in HubSpot. But we often integrate newsletter subscriptions on external websites for our clients. Regarding the DSGVO this is a very important issue


As an international brand with different requirements from each country we too would love to see the double opt-in functionality to work per form. We build our landing pages in WordPress so at the moment I can't use the double opt-in for just Germany (which is what we need). With the GDPR coming soon this is a very important issue, and I'm sure we are not the only ones requiring this option.


Hi Mireille,

thanks for pointing out your specific use case, which should be pretty common. We have ultimately solved the double opt-in by designing two custom workflows and a new field, which includes a status of the opt-in. It is not pretty and Hubspot should actually have not a lot of effort assigning D-optin to forms. As Hubspot is just expanding in the EU, I guess there is not enough feedback so far. Lets hope it will move up their priorization of this topic.




I too would love DOI by form rather than (or in addition to) by page. We really want to only have our blog pages (hosted by Husbpot) and our newsletter subscription page have Double Opt In enabled, and everywhere else disabled, mostly because of the confirmation email it sends and how that will confuse people if for example they are filling out a form of ours to access a white paper...if they receive an email asking them to confirm their subscription just by filling out that white paper form page, it causes confusion.


Apparently there is also no way to choose blog pages (or better yet the blog domain as a whole) to add to the "Enable" list in the DOI settings, so if we choose to enable DOI only for our page that people fill out a form to subscribe for our mailings, then it is preventing DOI from working on any of the blog pages, and that's not what we want.


It seems that DOI by form would solve this. Please consider!



The simple DOI setup possibility from the email settings panel is also a absolute bottleneck and pain for our current implementation of our lead generation processes. I would also be very happy, if the Hubspot product dev teams would consider the community requests from the previous posts. Form based DOI processes, would also be my preferred approach.


The double opt-in definately needs to be more flexible. We operate in both the US and Canada. Canada is way more restrictive than the US with laws for email. Would love the abiity to set opt-in settings based on a specifc form, contact property or list membership.


Same here, we work in Germany and we have customers all around the world. We have all the forms on our website and we would like to activate the double opt-in based on form. At the moment there's no viable solution for this.

It would be great for example to send the double opt-in email only when a certain contact property is triggered, e.g. a newsletter acceptance checkbox.

With GDPR coming HubSpot really needs to address this issue.


 I also think the process of setting up double opt-in needs to be more convenient, especially DOI for forms and not only for landingpages. 


Agreed! We also are interested in getting DOI for FORMS, not just landing pages.

None of our forms are on HubSpot landing pages, so I have no option at the moment to DOI users. And I don't want to target all pages as we have the form only on specific website pages (not LP's).

The hard-bounces are really affecting our performance score so I hope HubSpot is able to create a solution soon. 


 With the upcoming GDPR, I'm not sure how Hubspot could not put this in place, given the way customers are using these forms. Please consider this. Thank you!