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Double click in legend / key to quickly filter graphs in reports and dashboards

We use a lot of hubspot dashboards with many charts


It's great that these are interactive - so e.g. I will have a stacked bar chart displaying our SQLs generated over time, broken down by original source.


Very often, I will then 'click' one of the channels (e.g. paid search) in the legend, to show/hide that section of the chart. 


But more often than not, what I actually need to do is *only* look at e.g. paid search - which means I need to click off every other item on the chart to hide them all. This is a hassle with a chart like this with 10 series of data. It is downright impossible on some more granular charts.


If you just made a very simple UX tweak you could solve this. Just let us double click in the legend, to *only* show the data for that item. So if I double click "paid search" I only see paid search. I would guess this would genuinely save users a lot of time, seems an easy win!