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Double Opt-in Override during Contact Import

With recent changes to the contact import process, there is no longer a checkbox to select that the contacts have already double opted-in to receive communication (ex: via MailChimp or external conference software). 


For our company, we have situations like trade shows where we can't utilize HubSpot forms for the opt-in. Instead, we use lead capture software provided by the trade show, then need to import a list of contacts. These contacts don't need to receive a double opt-in message from us. We should be able to email them immediately after importing.


Basically, we need a way to import contacts that have already double opted-in via another platform and set their "Marketing Email Confirmation Status" without turning off our "Double Opt-in" settings. 


Please bring back the checkbox option to override double opt-in during import.

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We absolutely need this as well! Or is there any work around to mark these contacts as "confirmed by costumer" after the import manually?


We need this too, we just transferred in contacts from Mailchimp who had already double-opted in, however it seems we can't contact them within hubspot. 


Please help!


They just moved this feature to contacts overview. This  is the workaround:

- After you‘ve imported the contacts,

- Go to Contacts overview, - — filter to only see the imported contacts.

- Select the contacts that need to have double opt in status to be updated

- above the contact list open „more“

- chose „update double optin status



the workaround from SilviaS is not satisfying for automated imports. Is there a solution now?


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@hubspot please include the solution from SilviaS in the documentation online:


I just migrated one of my Mailchimp contact lists manually into Hubspot and I thought they would all be marked as able to send emails as I updated their Lifecycle status to 'Marketing Qualified Lead' I then sent out an email campaign to over 2k people and it didn't reach any of them because they were not manually marked like this as there was no info about it in the documentation. The above solution now worked, but messed up our Newsletter campaigning yesterday as we didn't see it wasn't sent until after the fact.


How about the contacts that are pushed from lead generation software? There is a way to automate this and not do it manually as suggested above?