Double Opt-in Enrollment Feature for Workflows

If double-opt in is enabled within a portal, we always need to set an additional enrollment trigger on workflows that send marketing emails, to ensure that only contacts with confirmed DOI status will be enrolled and sent the email. The only "workaround" is to set the additional workflow enrollment trigger as:


  • Marketing Email Confirmation Status is any of:
    • Confirmed
    • User clicked confirmed
    • HubSpot Rep. marked confirmed
    • Customer marked confirmed
    • Confirmed from previous behavior




What happens currently is that contacts are enrolled in the workflow, regardless of their DOI status, which results in the marketing emails not being delivered. There is a lot of manual work involved in having to assess these contacts and manually resend the email. 


It would be immensely beneficial to have a double opt-in enrollment feature for workflows in portals where double opt-in is activated. I was imaging some sort of option that when activated in the workflow, will only enroll contacts with DOI confirmed without having to set additional enrollment triggers. 


This is currently causing a lot of confusion for customers, especially in Germany where DOI is a legal requirement. Additionally, there are multiple values for Marketing Email Confirmation Status which makes overcomplicates this even more.

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HubSpot Employee

This would be immensely helpful!

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Agree. Users tend to forget to add the additional enrollment trigger on marketing email confirmation status. In case they forget it, it is not a legal problem (because marketing emails will not be sent without DOI), however there are other problems involved:

HubSpot will attempt to send the marketing email again and again for (I think) 24 hours on an hourly basis which leads to 24  timeline entries (email could not be sent) if the contact does not click the DOI link. If the contacts do not click the DOI link within 24 hours, they will not receive the marketing email at all.

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This would be a major improvement. And there's so much more around DOI handling in HubSpot that urgently requires improvement, e.g. multi-language opt-in emails. Come on, HubSpot – you can do it! 🙂