Don't send Notifications emails from to Filtered view in Conversations

I have some teams using the Conversations Inboxes, and some of the communication that they rely on reviewing are from tagged notifications from field reps. All of those email notifications are automatically sent to the Filtered portion of the Conversations Inbox regardless of whitelisting


It would be great if we could change the email from which CRM Notifications are sent so that those email notifications roll into the Inbox instead of going to Filtered.

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I logged a case with HubSpot in this exact issue tonight. I'm surprised no one else has up-voted your suggestion.


I hope someone can explain this logic to me regarding a shared Inbox.  Before HubSpot, an email sent in from a client to a generic address (like would land in a shared inbox.  Multiple users had access and could take appropriate action on these emails.  In our case, emails generated from the "Contact Us" page on our website were handled this way.


Moving to HubSpot, the "Contact Us" emails now come from - which can't be whitelisted even if you try - so they end up filtered out of the Inbox as spam.


Any idea how this is supposed to work?


I realise this isn't an "idea" as such, but it is directly related to the original post.

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I have exactly the same problem. I wanted our customer services team to manage forms when they are filled in through the conversations inbox and thought that getting the form sent to the inbox would be a great way of doing it, however, they are being filtered out despite whitelisting it.

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Yeah - it's disappointing, but they've closed ranks over this issue and appear to have no interest in fixing it.  (Trouble is, they handle support so nicely, it's almost impossible to be annoyed about it!)


The most disappointing excuse of all was that they're worried about creating an "endless loop" of emails - something most service providers cracked in the 90's by putting something in the email header making it easy to spot loops occurring. 


Don't expect a fix any time soon.

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Just commenting here to lend credence to the importance of this issue.


Our website contact form is being sent to our shared sales conversation inbox. This would seem like a great way to handle incoming potential clients. Instead, the emails are filtered and I have to check the spam filter every day and manually unmark them as spam and assign them to a sales rep. This seems like such a strange issue, since this great solution seems to be right there, but it then blocked by Hubspot applying this account-wide filter on all emails coming from


Hubspot, PLEASE let us handle the email filtering settings ourselves. Not being able to whitelist either OR emails sent to the inbox by the same email adress as the inbox itself, is really messing with our day. So far for us, two out of the three purposes for which we setup conversation inboxes are being blocked by these filter issues.

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Also just want to add support to this. It’s completely illogical that form contents sent to the conversations inbox can’t be prevented from being filtered to spam. Please fix!

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It is a little over a year after the original post with this concern, and the issue still exists. We use a Hubspot form on our contact us page, the submissions get sent by noreply@hubspot and get filtered out of the Conversations inbox making it so that we either have to scroll through Spam every day, or go back into the Gmail inbox to dig it out.


Customer experience was quick and let me know that there isn't currently anything that can be done about this. Very frustrating to be using their forms and their inbox and be told that there actually isn't a way to make it work.

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@EJD I couldn't agree more! This would take one engineer working on this for one sprint. HOW HASN"T THIS BEEN FIXED YET???

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I've been round this loop several more times over the last year with different people at HubSpot, and they just don't seem to understand. I thought it must be the way I was explaining things - so it's good to know I'm not alone Smiley Happy

There's a "Contact Us" form on the website which collects the visitors email address - why can't their message be associated with their contact record, and displayed correctly in the Inbox. 

This inactivity / disinterest from the dev team is another reason we're unwinding our use of the tool.