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Don't create Employees as Contacts

It would be great to have the possibility to prevent the automatic creation of contacts from our own company (employees). For example, a rule to exclude the creation of contacts by domain. 

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I agree with the above suggestion and request this be added to HubSpot quickly. This seems like an HR risk as well, because the employee's Contact Record may contain internal emails between (only) employees.

For example, the Outlook utility will add BCC (to HubSpot) when the Client/Customer email is forwarded to (only) another employee. Anyone who has access to that employee's Contact Record in HS then has visibility to see employee-to-employee emails. While this is not HubSpot's fault that then employee did not uncheck Log to CRM in the Outlook Add-on before sending the email, it still presents an issue for the company that employee-to-employee emails are available to anyone with View Only access to contacts. 


This would be very beneficial to be able to block certain names or domains from being created. 


We need this ASAP.


I'm also looking for a Solution.

I disabled the email log for our company Domain which helps to not have any internal mails in HubSpot, but I would also preffer to nott have a contact for the employees at all.


We need this as well!