Don't count weekends in weekday only requests

Currently, with the way the system is built out, a sequence set to only execute actions on weekdays will still count the weekends towards the delay. (A 3-day delay on a Friday will send on Monday rather than Wednesday). This doesn't give a lot of time for the contact to respond as they are likely not checking their emails on the weekend, so a follow-up is being sent prematurely in some cases.  It would be great to have the option to not include weekend days in these delays

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Briley, I hope you're referring to workflows? If so, yes please! I need to be able to delay actions by number of weekdays / business days. I want to send a second email two weekdays after the first. Currently (with my workflow set to "Business days only") it will be sent first thing Monday if the first went out late on a Friday, which makes our recipients feel like we're barraging them without giving them a chance to respond.

Workflow delays need to have a "count weekdays only" check box.