Don't Remove the Keyword Tool

Don't remove the Keyword Tool, evolve it to work with Clusters.


I understand the arguments for getting rid of the keyword tool:


1. Keyword Ranking is inaccurate. The rank for one user may vary dramatically to another depending on the device, user history and location.
But... isn't there an average? Google Search Console has no trouble reporting the average position my page is delivered for select queries. And that average is trending in one direction or the other. I know a search query is different than a keyword rank: search queries are real search entries where keyword rankings is predictive. But fine, connect with GSC and show real data about search queries.


2. With the Content Cluster philosophy, it is better to be looking at visits, contacts and customers generated by topics as a whole rather than how a page is ranking for specific, isolated keywords.

But... for pages not yet ranking high enough, traffic won't exist to examine. Knowing what terms are trending in the right direction for a page is predictive. Organize keywords (or queries) around content clusters so we can see what clusters are working on a deeper level and what is trending towards working.



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I would like to see the keyword tool come back.  Even if the results are not 100% accurate, I still find keyword information useful to guide in content creation. Knowing how popular a keyword is, or if itis difficult to rank for, or our current rank for a keyword is information that I use to generate content ideas. 

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It has been a few months and, to be honest, we have not missed it at all. The world has changed so much over the last few months that we barely plan anything around keywords the way we use to and what little we do need is easily captured outside of HubSpot.


We interviewed Jeffery Vocell on the topic and he really explained why this is not that big of a deal. 



On a side note, there is a great possibility they will be bringing Google Search Console data into our portals. Solves a lot.