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Domain "lock" for Marketing > Website > Web / LP

HS CMS / HS Marketing Hub | Marketing > Website > Web / LP


User Story: Sally hosts two domains on HS CMS. Sally is able to select any of those two domains and see only files associated with a specific domain. 

domain selector.PNG

Sally is able to select Domain A and can see only the pages for Domain A.


Sally has to edit all of the pages in Domain A, and needs to first select the "domain A" because even with strong naming conventions pages often have similar naming structure and Sally wants to avoid any "forced errors" from fatigue or distractions.

Today Sally after editing the 1st page, has to once again select "domain A" and edit the 2nd page. After editing the 2nd page, Sally has to repeat this process for each page; before each edit Sally has to remember to select "Domain A." 

Sally has found herself making mistakes by editing the wrong page because the Domain A wasn't 1st selected... Sally also finds it painful having to make that selection each time.

Sally understands why it's important for the "web" dashboard to default to showing all pages from all domains, as one of her teammates could easily be confused get worried pages or even entire domains are missing.

Sally's request: 
Sally would like a "Production View" of the  Marketing > Website > Web / LP that would allow her to temporarily lock domain selection and logcal file filtering by text string.


Sally has three requests

  1. Lock the domain (pick Domain A or Domain B) so only those files are visible
  2. Wild card filtering based on the file name: e.g, the text strings "Product" or "Feature" or "case-study"
  3. Support any combination of domain lock and file name filtering:
  • Sally could see only files from Domain B
  • Sally could see only files that contain "case" or "feature" from every domain hosted in HS CMS.
  • Sally could see only files that contain "case" or "product" for only a single domain.
  • A more robust feature would include logic for domain filtering as well. E.g, to only see domains that contain X or Y.
  • A more robust feature would be to save views of the dashboard so specific teams or users could quickly edit specific pages. e.g. update the holiday greeting on several sites.

The option could appear anywhere within the dashboard. One suggestion is under "More Tools" there could be an option for  "Production View." 

more tools hubspot.PNG