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Doing math in workflows

It would be helpful if in your workflows you could do math.  For example we have a workflow that creates a new deal in the renewal pipeline for every contract that is invoiced.  For most of the contracts simply adding a due date of 365 days (1 year contract length) is good enough.  However, some of our customers have a 3-5 year length which we have defined in a custom "Contract Length".  Ideally you would be able to have a workflow that could do something like $Close_Date + $Contract Length = $Due_Date.


I could see other uses for this as well, but this is the immediate one that comes to mind.

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I don't know whether this problem has already been solved for you, but HubSpot offers calculation properties:


Maybe this can help.


This would be very helpful for us to help calculate some deal properties. The HubSpot calculation properties work well, but there is just a limit to how many you can use. I believe we have 5 on the sales pro plan which is not sufficient for our needs and it's cost-prohibitive for us to move up to Enterprise where there are 200 (I believe) (Quite a big range jump). I can understand if 'always on' calculation properties might be expensive, which is why adding simple multiplication and division would be sufficient and take care of our needs. Here's 1 example we'd like to use, we'd like the ability to show each individual sales reps' bonus on their individual KPI dashboards which is a calculation of a % of the sale with some variability. That could eat up quite a few calculation properties with just 2 reps. Hope this gets considered in the future!


we would like to see the ability to add a couple currency fields that automatically add up and udpate the deal amount. 


This would be incredibly helpful for us. We manage project costs on custom object records that occasionally require manual adjustments by our team. Calculation properties are clunky to use (having to use another property to offset the charge). The ideal solution would be being able to run a workflow when the record is set to a specific stage (e.g. ready to review) which adds/multiplies a few number fields. The team member could then take a look and adjust or approve if need be.

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Personally I think that the criteria behind this needs to be stripped back - and the 'essence' of what is required here is merely just the option of being able to do mathematical equations in workflows. 

If 2 x number properties exist (or more) in the CRM, allow functionality that adds them together, divide, multiply, etc. If numerous number properties exist, do the same (ie. provide the functionality). 

For accounts that are pro that have score or calculation property limits in place (ie. 5 only), then having this functionality in workflows would provide more flexibility, particularly for those accounts that can't equitably justify moving to enterprise level subscriptions. 

How amazing would it be, within workflows, to have the option to set: If property A is known and proeprty B is known, set proeprty value C to: Property A + Property B. 



Yes - need this functionality. I want to create a calculation, but calculation fields only allow me to use ONE condition. I want to forecast our recurring client revenue, so if renewal date = this month or if close date = this month for a specific pipeline, then calculate and give me that number. Not to mention, WHY do date fields not allow dates like salesforce to select "THIS MONTH" "THIS YEAR", etc. I am setting reminders for myself to manually update workflows each month. 


This would be extremely helpful. I can create calculation properties, however, I would like amount to be calculated based on additional property fields I have created. With amount being a HubSpot created field, I'm not able to turn it into a calculation property.


Totalmente es una grosería solo tener 5 cálculos en la versión Pro, con lo que se paga... Ojalá la CEO de HubSpot con esta visión de los clientes al centro hagan caso.