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The Situation:


In short what our company does is build custom DIY steel framing kits for small structures (i.e. Tiny Homes, ADU's etc.). My role in our company is the Help Desk and a S.D.R. The bulk of what I do day-to-day is answer questions via the Conversations Inbox or Email while learning about our lead's plans and qualifying them for our sales process.


One of the most common types of question I get is if I can provide examples of our product or process, or provide a quote for stock designs. Because they are frequently asked questions, our company has gone and created documents and resources to better answer them (a picture's worth a thousand words after all). 


Here are some examples of Snippets with Documents I would use:

"Sure thing! Check this out: {Volstrukt Kits: What we can offer}. The first half of it lists our services and the second half has our most popular designs. If we can find a style you like there then we can start talking ballpark numbers"




"Also, if you haven't already, check out our {Modular Catalog}. There are a lot of designs in it that are ready-to-print, but at this point think of them more as inspiration for your personal plans. For example, check out the 3-d model of M019{Web Link}."


These are actual snippets I frequently find myself using, but Hubspot has no functionality to allow me to insert the actual documents within the snippet. (I inserted the links here for example purposes through some time/effort and copy/paste. In reality the links would be blank, and if copied like here all the Document tracking will be from wherever I copied link).


This is only a slight issue when writing an email: find the corresponding document though the Document Tool and fill in the blank. BUT when using the Inbox tool, I have to redirect leads/customers to their email to check the thing I just sent them, and most of the time they don't return.


The Idea:

The idea is to add the functionality to be able to include links to Sales Documents within the Snippets tool. This functionality is something already included in Templates, so it shouldn't be too difficult to add.


I understand when using the Template tool the Email Property is always known, making sending Documents easier, but with Snippets that's not always the case. The fix I see for that potential issue is using a system similar to when a Document gets shared: If the Email Property is not known then ask for an Email Address before allowing access.


I know a functionality like this would make my job a lot easier, and I hope others feel the same way.


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We should be able to link documents already loaded into Hubspot into snippets. Currently you can only link to external documents and you lose the tracking that is inherant with Hubspot dosuments. Additionally, you can only use snippets when setting appointments and if you want to routinely link a document to appointments it has to be uploaded somewhere other than Hubspot.

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I've run into a similar situation and would love to see this functionality added to snippets as a quality of life update to match what's doable with templates. 

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This is a problem, ughhh