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It would be great to be able to get the link of a document without having to enter an email address first. That way, i can give people who do not have hubspot access the link so that they can share it or use the url on my website.


Right now, i have to enter my own email address in order to get the url which bumps up the share count by 1.

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Something has recently changed (suspecting GDPR) when sending emails with embedded document links via Sales tool that now requires the recipient to enter in their emails address to open the document. The result is confusion and friction for visitors/recipienst. Two things HubSpot built its company on reducing. (delight) This has proved to be confusing (Some people are just not techie :/) for the recipient and an awful experience for the mobile user. HubSpot DOES allow the ability to not require this by MANUALLY sending from the sales document page. Request: Add the ability to disable requiring to reenter an email address to view a document portal wide. Since the functionality exists to not require this already exists, why penalize your customers and lessen the effectiveness of the HubSpot Sales software by requiring this each and every time? This setting should be a portal wide setting that puts the power in the hands of the customer as to how we use the portal.

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Agreed. Any update on the possibility of this feature?

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I understand that the link is generated for an specific email address. 

Instead, it will be much more useful to have a generic link to the document and request the email address to the receiver of the email when opening the link, so we can send the same link to the same document to multiple contacts.

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I second Aaron's suggestion.

It would be much better to have portal wide option to turn off "require email to open documents".

There is nothing more frustrating than having to enter email in order to view the documents, especially while using a smart phone.


How do we get this enabled?

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This is absurd. Yet another piece of BASIC functionality that's completely ignored. Crazy.