Document View from a client's perspective

Take a look for yourself, if you look at the document that I've inserted into my email,  the viewing of it is HUGE and in your face, could you have zoomed it any closer. Really is that how YOU would like read a document or maybe you'd rather see a little more of it? Remember this is about promoting one's business, it not just about the words it's also about how those words fall on the page... Can we take a step back, heck maybe the full page should be viewed, thus the user could zoom in as needed. and a slide bar and the side would also be a nice touch rather than those arrows at the bottom.


I'm not saying I'm right but it is something you may want to research Smiley Happy

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 Completely agree with this request. 


The default zoom size is a liability, because if the viewer cannot see what is supposed to grab their attention instantly then that purpose is defeated.