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Dissociate a ticket from a conversation

In our conversations tab - It would be incredibly valuable and helpful for our customers to be able dissociate a ticket from a conversation. Additionally, giving them the option to reassign that ticket to another conversation as well. 

We can see this feature is currently not something we have in the platform but today I received a customer's feedback that this would've been very useful for her company's needs. 

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Out of curiosity, why do you want to dissociate the ticket from the conversation? Is it because reassigning the conversation will reassign the ticket?
That is the issue I'm currently having...if the conversation is being handled by a different department that doesn't operate in Service Hub, reassigning the conversation is causing confusion as the new owner can't update the ticket (different permissions) even though they can view the ticket. 
So I am trying to streamline having the service teams handoff conversations that aren't really tech support so that the requests can be handled by the sales and customer service teams.
I originally thought that conversations owners could be different from the ticket owners, but this doesn't seem to be the case.