Dissociate a contact with 2 email address into 2 different contacts

Just like the ''Merge'' option, I would love to be able to dissociate or split a contact that has 2 email address into 2 different contacts. My idea is that when select the ''Dissociate'' option in the ''Actions'' menu of the contact file, we then would be able to decide what needs to stay in the original contact file, and what needs to be transferred to the new one. Why can we merge them, but not dissociate them?


I had this idea when I forgot to select the ''Always create contact for new email address'' option in one of my forms, and all the submissions has been linked to the same contact file because they all had been filled from the same computer during an tradeshow. I had to manually delete the original contact file, export all my submissions and then reimport them back in my database. Since they are new contacts, their source is ''created from import X'' instead of ''form submission X'', which is unfortunate. I'm sure I'm not the first one that goes through this situation. The dissociate option would have been awesome to use in that case.