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Dissociate a contact with 2 email address into 2 different contacts

Just like the ''Merge'' option, I would love to be able to dissociate or split a contact that has 2 email address into 2 different contacts. My idea is that when select the ''Dissociate'' option in the ''Actions'' menu of the contact file, we then would be able to decide what needs to stay in the original contact file, and what needs to be transferred to the new one. Why can we merge them, but not dissociate them?


I had this idea when I forgot to select the ''Always create contact for new email address'' option in one of my forms, and all the submissions has been linked to the same contact file because they all had been filled from the same computer during an tradeshow. I had to manually delete the original contact file, export all my submissions and then reimport them back in my database. Since they are new contacts, their source is ''created from import X'' instead of ''form submission X'', which is unfortunate. I'm sure I'm not the first one that goes through this situation. The dissociate option would have been awesome to use in that case.

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This idea would also work great for contacts that have inadvertently been used for two separate real people! I have multiple cases where one contact is actually for more than one real-life person, and I have no way of splitting them up into two separate contacts such that the full activity history is retained. I could make a new contact for one of them and delete the email address from the original, but then I wouldn't have the activity history.


This gets a vote from me, I'm having an absolute nightmare with this situation at the moment.

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Posting on behalf of a customer. Contacts with multiple email addresses created as a result of the ''Always create contact for new email address'' option in forms is causing faulty integration with their user database. A feature to separate these addressses into multiple contacts would be very welcome here


Right now, we have to manually change all the data back and then manually create a new record with the data entered. There has to be an easier way! Its not our fault people don't click the reset form link...


I agree, this deserves a more elegant solution than manual work


Yes, we need this, too. Manually creating a new record for the other contact means we lose all of the history of form submissions, email opens, web browsing, etc. Please create a way to address this!


+1, this would help us a lot 


Indeed required! Sometimes several contacts on customer side share the same device.


Please let me know when this has been fixed! Great suggustion. 


We also have this issue - mostly caused by people sharing a device at a n event, church or school. We have implemented an integration with our data warehouse and these HubSpot records sharing emails for what are individual records in our data warehouse need to be quarantined from updating data until they are split. We would also like to  the history of form submissions, email opens, web browsing, etc if possible.