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I am here representing independent insurance agents across the country. We are in desperate need of better access to CRMs and service tools like Hubspot, but our big industry-leading CRMs do not connect to Hubspot. My agency uses Vertafore AMS360. It is a behemoth of a product, but, alas, does not connect with Hubspot. Other big tools in our industry are Applied/Epic and Hawksoft. 


Please consider looking into this. There are some products that integrate with SalesForce but, let's be honest, we know Hubspot is leaps and bounds better than SF. Don't let them beat you out of a great opportunity!

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I totally agree with this - we have clients all over that use separate Agency Management Systems that we would love to integrate to HubSpot. Or, you could just make HS HIPAA compliant 😉 

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By the way, @ksmith87 , you might benefit from joining our HubSpot User Group for the Insurance Industry!


Hi @ksmith87 - I also work at an insurance agency that uses HubSpot. When you say it doesn't integrate with Vertafore AMS360, do you mean there's no pre-built connection or they actually don't allow a custom open API connection to be built? We are in the process of looking at AMS systems (Applied Epic as well) and of course, when people say things "can" integrate, it's not always true.