Display total call time for a ticket

The number of times contacted property is useful when looking at tickets to know how to prioritize them.  The problem is that total times contacted inclueds a lot of forms of communication.  I have tried to see if I could make a total call time property so I could see at a glance how much phone time I have spent on a particular ticket, but I don't see any way of makeing that.  


I was able to make a custom report that shows total call time per ticket, that can be filterd by date or call time, but that report lives on my board not on the idividual ticket itself.  


Is there any way of making a property that displays on the ticket for total call time?   I know the data exsists in HubSpot because I could make a report for it, it is just a matter of having it be something that we can put in a property.  This would be very useful for managing my support tickets.