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Display empty values in report charts

A standard feature in most diagram/chart-creation is to "display empty value", so I currently don't understand why Hubspot reports does not have this functionality.

For uniform and comparable charts across several roles (e.g. overview of tasks for several people, company lead status or deal stage per salesperson etc.) this would be very valuable.


To clarify, I don't mean the filter "[Value] > Is none/empty", but rather empty values on the x-axis of a chart like this one: 


Hubspot support confirms that this is currently not possible without creating a custom property for each point on the x-axis. This is an incredibly bulky workaround for something as simple as wanting to see (for example) all the lead status' regardles of the number of contacts/companies with each status. It's also practically impossible when the x-axis displays, for example, dates or periods of time. I would argue that statistically speaking, "none" is as significant as "less/more than none".


Here's a side-by-side of two identical* charts where the only difference is the 'company owner' property, where the value of a "show empty values" toggle would be incredibly useful to give a better overview at-a-glace, and avoid confusion.

(*) I've changed the colours on the chart on the right, but it's worth noting that Hubspot does not assign consistent colours to the same value on different charts. "In progress" can be blue on one and purple on another, based on how many values the chart is displaying)


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This would be a great feature! Although there may not be data, sometimes companies have a need to view all properties on the x-axis or y-axis, despite having no values for that property. For example, if you're reporting on the deal pipeline to view the count of deals in each stage, if Closed Lost has no deals, it could still be valuable to see the Closed Lost stage in the report view. 

For those working closely in HubSpot, they may know the different deal stages well, but if this report is being shared across the company, not everyone might be aware of the stages with no values. 


I agree, it's a needed feature. Without it the audience could assume there was a reporting error if we skipped deal stages, for example. I'd rather not have to explain the ambiguity.


I just ran into this issue needing to display stages with 0 deals. This would be very helpful. 


Agreed, it is hard to visualize the sales pipeline without it!


Just ran into this on some reporting that I am trying to run, it's actually imparative that we be able to see that a stage in the pipeline is empty. Not having this is actively hurting my ability to correctly report my teams activities. I know this is probably low on the priority list, but it's actually a little silly it's not there in the first place. Pretty standard reporting stuff.


This would be an extremely helpful feature!


Yes, it would be extremally beneficial from a reporting point of view to identify who has a 0 count against them for a particular activity i.e. calls.

We use HubSpot to track and monitor interactions with customers and need to identify any gaps or misses, however HubSpot automatically excludes 0 counts which makes this difficult.


+1 please add this soon. It's needed for comparisons.


+1 please add this soon!!!