Display contact properties in groups

it would be really great if we could group all the properties in the About section in a contact. When there are a lot of custom properties, it can be really unclear when they are all listed in 1 section in a contact record. 

It would be a really valuable option if they were displayed in the property groups like we created them. Plus the option to minimize and maximize these groups, to quickly find them. 



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I have the same request: I created a property group with certain properties in it. It would be a great enhancement to have these displayed in their own section rather than included in the About section. 


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Agreed, It would be a nice feature to have. It will help organizing the contact view and make it more clear

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Can't agree more ! Especially if you have a group of particulars properties, by themes for example.

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Seria ÓTIMO se tivesse esse recurso. Ajudaria muito