Display Workflow Description

There is currently no benefit to entering the workflow description. You can't see it unless you're editing, and even then - it's difficult to locate as a new user. 


I'd like anyone who inherits my current infrastructure to be able to understand the reasons behind the workflows. That way, hopefully, they're not turned off or creating other issues by being edited without context. 


I believe the description field is great context. But how can they view it if not editing? Can you please make it visible when someone hovers over the list title in the overview of workflows area? And possibly display it right under the title within the workflow itself? 



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Couldn't agree more, we are starting to have so many workflows that title alone is not enough to efficiently identify what you are looking for.

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Completely agree. We have had several issues where workflows have been turned off or edited with no background/context to the original purpose and what the workflow is powering.

We have hundreds of workflows and it is difficult to decide which ones are still required if we can't put some rationale behind the deletion.

If a description box was available, it would allow the creator to state the purpose, whether it is for temporary or longer-term use and other key information.

Please add it back. Even if it comes back with an option in settings to show or not show.