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Display Privacy Policy banner only on international website

It would be nice if we can have a control for display the privacy policy banner only on specific version of our website pages. 

The reason being is we are currently based in Japan and also have branches in Europe as well. 

Theferore, it would be nice if we can 1 account and populate the privacy policy banner only to the Euro version on our website. 


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KeithMoehring Occasional Contributor | Platinum Partner | Certified Trainer
Occasional Contributor | Platinum Partner | Certified Trainer

This is something we are also very interested in. Our new site will be the primary marketing tool for all efforts worldwide, and we'd like to control who sees this privacy warning based on country of origin. 

New Member

Since we have 5 different languages, we also need to be able to adjust the pop up for all our languages.

Also, it would be nice to move the pop-up to the buttom too and get more options to customize text and buttons such as "don't ask me again".

Regular Contributor

Indeed, it is important to show the cookie policy in a local language, just like the mail preference screen. 

Jaqueline Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner | Certified Trainer
Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner | Certified Trainer

I have the same issue with the pages in Europe, where it should be displayed and the Chinese page where it should not be displayed even if the HubSpot tracking code is integrated in this page

Occasional Contributor

 This is also something we need. Since we are using WordPress and other tools as well, we would like to integrate the cookie & tracking policy into a  single alert and opt-in/out mechanism.

Occasional Contributor

Same here. We need to be able to display the privacy policy banner text in diferent language versions.

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Agree with previous comments.  Not only edit for language but also for website style.  Right now there is no way to target the elements in the notification and the style does not match our website (green button vs. red).  Bad UI in my opinion. 



I want to echo that this is a feature we would very much like to have.


We would like to filter how the cookie policy is displayed to users based on their country IP. For example, a visitor coming from Country A would be shown a cookie policy notification bar when they land on the site, but a visitor from Country B would not be shown the cookie policy notification bar. Given the data Hubspot already collects on country IP, this should be possible.

HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Wanted to echo this suggestion, a large quanity of traffic being bucketed non-specifically, even in georgraphic areas not constrained by the GDPR really constrains the functionality of our tracking analytics. 

New Contributor

It is essential that you figure out a way to only show this cookie policy to users in the EU. With the lack of information being gathered right now, the expense of HubSpot is going to be hard to justify.