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Display Calculated Deal Property in Currency Format

I've created some custom deal properties which are calculations. I'd like the result of these calculations to be displayed in the currency format.

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June 23, 2023 11:53 AM

Hi everyone,

I’m Shay, the PM for HubSpot’s CRM.

I'm very pleased to announce that this feature has been Delivered to all Professional and Enterprise customers. More information can be found on this in the following knowledge base article.

We could not have built this feature without your help. Thank you all for taking the time to submit, vote and comment on this Idea.


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I have found myself in the same situation.  have calcuated some values and would like the reports and dashboards to display the values as a currency format.  I have not been able to figure a way to change the format of a calcuated property.  If anyone has found a work arround.  Please let us know.


Thank you


I am also experiencing the exact same scenario. I expected there to be a currency checkbox, just as there was for the number property type.


Hi, I am in exactly same postion as above. Having created a calculated field, there isn't a way flag to set this field as a currency. Thanks

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Yes please!! The workaround we're using for this is to create the calculated property, then create a second Currency property, and create a workflow that simply copies the calculated property to the currency property.


That's great thanks


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I have this issue as well. A simple fix would be if HS would add a currency format option just like the number field has. 


Hi, agreed that's the best fix. Hopefully we'll get this soon. Should be a simple implementation. 

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Yes, please. Same problem. Can add the currency in the property name, but its not very clean.


Same issue, it would be really helpful to have the ability to format the results of calculation fields in the same manner as number number fields. 

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Would also love this, currently pulling into purposes with 50000 vs $50,000 is very messy 


yes! currency and percent formats would be very helpful.


Yes!  I actually just contacted support with this very question.  

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Yes, an enterprise-level CRM requires the capability to display the output of a calculated property in currency format. If you multiply a currency property by a number, the result should be a currency format automatically.
In Deals, you also need to be able to accommodate which currency is used in the calculation. For a Deal in Euros, any Deal calculation properties on that Deal also need to shown in Euros. 
Not including currency formatting as standard will mean that data in filtered Views, Dashboards and Reports may mislead the user.

Yep... this is my problem too


I would also llike HubSpot to allow us to use three letter Currency Descriptors, so as to avoid confusion between American and Canadian Collegaues, who both use "$" in order to describe USD and CAD


Yes please provide all standard formatting for calculated properties. In fact, Hubspot should really build out calculated properties so they are closer to Salesforce calculated fields.


Ditto, Having to work round other Hubspot limitations (no currency conversion at deal item level, only being able to convert to a single company amount in reports) and then ending up with a poor display output is a real challenge


@AndyPurple Completely agree with you. 

I'm currently having troubles working around the limitation you mentioned: "No currency conversion at deal item level"-  How did you manage to work around that one? 

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The formatting option would definitely be useful on calculated fields! Until that's available as standard, I was thinking it should be possible to tweak the property to display currency (for example) using the API and a Postman tool patch operation. Unfortunately, I've haven't been able to tweak this successfully in my experiments so far. I get a 200 OK response, but no update to the setting seems to occur.

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 7.59.18 AM.png


Currently running into this need as well. A calculated rollup field that sums currency fields should automatically be currency. At least give us the ability to manipulate through the API.


Yes, yes and yes. 


Currently, I cannot display my deal metrics (which is a sale amount multiplied by our commission rate) in currency format.


This makes our reporting awkward