Display Calculated Deal Property in Currency Format

I've created some custom deal properties which are calculations. I'd like the result of these calculations to be displayed in the currency format.

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I have found myself in the same situation.  have calcuated some values and would like the reports and dashboards to display the values as a currency format.  I have not been able to figure a way to change the format of a calcuated property.  If anyone has found a work arround.  Please let us know.


Thank you

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I am also experiencing the exact same scenario. I expected there to be a currency checkbox, just as there was for the number property type.

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Hi, I am in exactly same postion as above. Having created a calculated field, there isn't a way flag to set this field as a currency. Thanks

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Regular Contributor | Diamond Partner | Certified Trainer

Yes please!! The workaround we're using for this is to create the calculated property, then create a second Currency property, and create a workflow that simply copies the calculated property to the currency property.

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That's great thanks