Disconnect notifications for connected apps


Currently HubSpot do not provide any features or functionality that will support notifications in the event someone disconnects a connected app.


However, when the connected app is a link with another third-party application, it can be useful to know when the user deletes the app to perform actions in the third-party application.

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This just happened to us with our LinkedIn Ads integration. There was a reauthorization on LinkedIn's end and it caused my lead syncing to turn off. There was no Hubspot notification, so our leads were not synced for 20 days. When I found the issue at the end of the month, it was fixed my a simple disconnect and reconnect of the LinkedIn account.


DITTO!! I had an automation set up to register people for a webinar and didn't discover for weeks that it wasn't working. Meaning none of those people had the webinar connection info. Big fail. 


Today I just found out that my Zoom integration is disconnected. Fortunately, this was found out during a test phase. However, my biggest concern now is once we launch the webinar campaign, what if it disconnects again (we don't know why it was disconnected in the first place - for sure it wasn't disconnected manually) and I'm not notified by it?


Registrants will be wondering why they wouldn't receive any Zoom confirmation email. So it is extremely essential that we (the admins)  are informed when a certain integration is disconnected (or added) for that matter.


Had a workflow that registered people for our Zoom webinar. It was working fine after turned and checked everything. Registered like 20 people fine.


Then the integration to Zapier was disconnected for some reason. I had NO IDEA this was happening for like a week. I just happened to check in Zoom some things and saw registrant number was low so troubleshooted what happened. During that time it was disconnected, noone who registered got the webinar confirmation or anything. If I didn't notice, I would have COMPLETELY lost those webinar registrants (which cost Ad $$).


Anyways, my point is that having a clear and obvious notification that if an integration stops would be nice to ad.


Our Zoom integration disconnected over the long weekend and missed about 120 registrations for a webinar coming up tomorrow. These people would have never been able to access the webinar had we not noticed the discrepancy in the registration numbers on HubSpot vs. in our Zoom account. It also wasn't intuitive what the problem was at first, since it was the first time it had happened to us.


A simple notification that an integration has been disconnected (especially for integrations being actively used in workflows) seems like a simple solution to this that would add a lot of value.


I also just noticed that Zoom was disconnected. It would be extremely helpful to have notifications when these API connections are broken. Outlook and Zoom make regular API updates, if I'm notified I can reconnect it immediately and avoid issues.


This is critical for our team. 


The whole point of HubSpot is to be a hub that is reliably extensible. Alerts, notifications, and logging for integrations should be a table-stacks necessity to the core platform. As a super admin of a database heading toward 500K, I have to seriously consider replacing HubSpot with a more sophisticated system, such as Marketo, for the enterprise my org is quickly becoming. 

1) 3rd party integrations can disconnect for any number of reasons, particularly updates on the other parties end. 
2) There's no logging or audit tracking for disconnects - so impossible to troubleshoot when this happens. 
3) There's no systematic timestamping of connections and reconnections (as far as I can find -- and it should be obvious in the UI) so it's impossible to see how long the disconnect occured and therefore the impact it has had. 

Really disappointed with HubSpot on this one.