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Disable tickets emails autoassociating to open deals

Hi! Im having a bit of an issue here that keeps me thinking "i cant be the only one..." SMH.. 


So... basically, if a contact (Jhon Doe) opens a ticket and you have a deal associated with his name, all the comunnication held with Jhon (within that ticket) will be autoassociated to the deal (to the five most recent deals)


So, if you work with both tickets and deals, and you are unlucky enought to have the same contact on a deal and a ticket, you will be heavily spammed with none-relevant information that is confusing to the topic. 


I think not being able to change this makes no sense, since i really dont want my sales team being spammed with technical nonerelevant information. 



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Same issue...this is making it very dificult to our sales team.