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Disable overwrite on import and allow option to choose from new vs existing data

Our company would love to see the 'toggle to not overwrite data' available for all fields on import. 


For any imported data that differs from the existing data, we would like to have a wizard with two columns that shows existing data vs. new data being imported, with the option to choose existing or new data for each column that differs.

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Jzitek, I totally agree with your idea and I hope HubSpot implements this soon, as we deal with this at our company, too!


I'm scared to upload large sheets of contacts because the default is to overwrite data.  There needs to be a way to review data that will be changed.

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I agree. The surprising thing is that SharpSpring actually allows you to do this (choose whether to update existing property values with new information or leave them as is) but is a much less robust marketing/crm platform than HubSpot.


HubSpot needs to implement this option, maybe as a checkbox, to update or not update existing property values for existing contacts/companies/deals/etc.


Please implement the ability to allow duplicate contacts 


There are multiple people requesting this with lots of votes.