Disable default closed date on deal/company/contact level


Disable the automatic field for closed date on deal level and disable any automatic field aside from create date on all contact, company and deal level.

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Status updated to: Being Reviewed
Dec 1, 2020

Hello HubSpot Community, 

Thank you as always for your continued feedback. It helps us build a great product. We understand that the behavior can be missed, unexpected, and/or unwanted. While the team is still discussing if we should disable the behavior, we agree that a necessary first should be to notify users that this behavior occurs. 

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Yes please, this needs a solution.


Most people use close date for forecasting, piepline meetings, and analytics in general so it makes sense that:


A- you leave it blank, and any deals that have blank close date are not factored in the revenue forecasting (you don't need a close date at the "connected" stage for example cause it's really meaningless at that stage.


B- If you must, and absolutely must have a close date automatically generated because of some system requirement you have, then make it adjustable. To give you an example, our average sales cycle is 4 months, so I should be able to change the autogenerated close date from 1 month to 4 months after the deal is created instead of having the team manually change the close deal for every deal they create. Then if "needed" (like if the deal is delayed) they should manually change it, but as standard, I should be able to choose an automatic close date based on my sales cycle.


I'd also like to see the system not automatically change the close date to "today" when you move something to "Closed Won". Many salespeople do periodic updates rather than daily and this messes up reporting and funnels when the date changes. 


Particularly frustrating when you update the close date, then move to "closed won", and the date again changes to today. 


It needs to be changed - forcing a closed date by Hubspot makes a lot of assumptions of how customers work their own database of deals, funnels and pipelines.  Hubspot customers need to be able to dicate their own close dates no matter what the deal stage is changed to.  If a client wants it automatic - then let them have it.  If they don't allow them to turn it off and make it manual.


Can we have an approximate idea of when will this feature be prioritized in your product roadmap?


Agree with all this things... Go on please 😄


Yes - please! Since we have filters set up to exclude deals with closed dates (and it's easy to forget to REMOVE the close date when creating a deal), this causes a bunch of confusion. Having a setting that enables us to have that blank on creation would be ideal.


Yes please!


Our team has a problem with this property. It is useful that it automatically populates when the deal is closed, but it is NOT when is created.

All businesses and deals are different so when a deal is created this property shouldn’t be automatically populated. Our team gets confused. We have deals that are to be closed within 2 years….

This property is also important because in the board view (Sales – Deals) we CAN’T change the properties shown (this is also a problem). Today the properties shown are Deal name, Amount and CLOSE DATE….  

So you can understand why is important to disable the automatically fill of the close date when a deal is created…. We have this board view that shows a close date that is NOT real…. If the close date stayed blank when creating a deal, then our team could identify the deals that require to fill that information (using the filter close date is unknown) and updating this property with the right date.


The need for this to be removed is immense! The potential of this close date never being updated if it stays in one stage is hurtful to the automation we have in place that goes out to our clients. I hope this can be resolved soon. Maybe HubSpot can put this as their 2020 resolutions. 


I agree that is a stupid feature.


April 2020 and still nothing..


Totally agreed.

We don't need the automatic close date.


I completely agree with needing this default either turned off or give us the option to shut off. Why not turn this into a master toggle like the "Assign company to contact owner" in the deals settings? 


Agreed. Frustrating that it defaults to a close date every time. Our reps are continually manually clearing these dates which is a constant issue.



Agreed,  auto populating this field causes issues when integrating with other systems - need more flexiblity to turn this off


Adding +1 to this.


Why aren't these simple things implemented quickly? Give us an option in the settings to switch it off.


Why do you insist customer service reps advise us to post on this forum, only to ignore the requests?


Hubspot doesn't need 'big feature' releases, there are hundreds of little things to fix first that would increase your client retention - people want to abandon this CRM because of day to day frustations, not because they can't track their ABM prospects in a shiny new dashboard.


Hi, just adding to this. The autofill is messing with our reports, would be immensely helpful to be able to disable it.


Just adding here. I hope it can be solved soon, the reports are not being accurate.


Here is a work around! lmk if you find it usful 😄


In the first pipeline stage use a "clear property field to remove the date. 

The close date will "always" automatically update the closed date once it reaches A closed won or Closed Lost Column 

or if you have a custom columb just set "Close Date as required" 


Also we can set a custom close date by using "set property field" 

set date to "date of step" 


I haven't seen a way to set close dates to 6 months (or custom). Maybe you could set up a "calculation property" to do 

(Close date * 6) But doing this could create a mess if it makes and endless loop! 

copy "calculated date" == close date

Out come should be 6 months from the date describe, However I didnt test this just speculation.


Hey lmk if this helps also reachout to me if i can help you with something else!

(Just relay i'll get an email) 



It would be very useful for us too!