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Disable default closed date on deal/company/contact level

Disable the automatic field for closed date on deal level and disable any automatic field aside from create date on all contact, company and deal level.

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April 14, 2022 05:23 AM

Hey HubSpot Community,


Some exciting news. We shipped close date configuration for deals. You can now configure the default close date for newly created deals. Select the end of a period (for example, the end of next month), time from deal creation (for example, 60 days from deal creation), or no default close date to better manage your deals and forecast.


In Deal Settings (Settings -> Object -> Deals -> Setup tab), admins can select the default close date to apply when creating a deal. There are three options that the customer can choose for their close date:

  • End of a period--for example, end of current month or end of next month
  • Custom rolling date--for example, weeks from deal creation.
  • No default close date (by unselecting the setting)

Thank you all for your brilliant input and your patience. HubSpot CRM is a better tool because of your feedback.


Being Reviewed
December 01, 2020 05:30 PM

Hello HubSpot Community, 

Thank you as always for your continued feedback. It helps us build a great product. We understand that the behavior can be missed, unexpected, and/or unwanted. While the team is still discussing if we should disable the behavior, we agree that a necessary first should be to notify users that this behavior occurs. 

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Absolutely agree with this comment but also think that create date should be able to be edited.  The ability to customize both create and close dates across all three major sections makes the information more accurate when it comes to analyzing the data.  


Completely agree. It is really a pain to have to go in and delete it/change it on new deals. In my opinion, there should be a field for Estimated Close Date, then when the deal is closed won/lost, the Close Date field should auto-populate, but also be editable.


Customized close date and create date would be SO HELPFUL!  We have a 6 month sales cycle and having to edit the close date for every deal is an added step.


Agree with editing the create date as well. Would love to see these changes



Agreed, we're on a 6mo sales cycle as well.


Agreed, this feature needs an update...


I gotta lend my voice to the need for this feature. It also just doesn't make sense regardless of how long someone's average sale cycle is: if a deal is ceated on the first of the month, it defaults to a 30-31 day expected close day. But is you create a deal on the 28th, it assigns a close daye 2-3 days from the creation date. Being able to set up an automatic close date which is 3-6 months out would be a lot more helpful. 


I agree this doesn't work with our sales cycle and just takes up space.


For our model the date the deal is closed can be very fluid for months.  There is really no value in projecting a close date.  It would be nice if this date could be default blank until we proclaim the deal closed.


Totally agree - all sales cycles are different, so are close dates are different! Please build this out!


Agree as well! Customly set or non at all




Fix to this "default completion" feature would truly be appreciated. It is strange to deliver a procedure with a step to "remove the Close Date." Why in the world would this be set to auto-complete?




Seriously HubSpot - get your act together


2 years of ignoring this super simple fix


Just because an idea doesnt trend on your blog does not mean that it isn't useful or that countless other users haven't thought about it- yes we can manually clear fields - what you have here is a suggestion for a feature that can save a lot of time and help to standardize data across larger teams


What's more is that you could easily implement this in a few days; just add it to the settings of deals 


COME ON AND DO THESE SIMPLE FIXES THAT WILL MAKE YOUR PRODUCT BETTER and make us less likely to switch to a competitor.


better if we can set the close date and other properties by our selves on each pipeline


Agrred, this is an easy fix @hubspot please fix ASAP


It is very discouraging to see how long this has been an issuer for users and the default has not been changed. Can we please get some kind of update on this?


Automatically populating a close date is creating problems for me.  Please create a config choice to set a default cycle time to define the close date or elect to not populate the field.  


This may not be getting their attention because it is categorized as Sales Reporting.  I creating an "Deal" idea - "I want to be able to change the default lenght of time to populate the close date by default or choose not to automatically populate the field."  

Upvote me over there.




We would just need a toggle for turning "automatic updating close date" off.


i advice that you could add a fonction, "formule"->"deal" as the other CRM product like pipedrive..