Disable automatic contact creation for Conversations


HubSpot auto creates a contact for anyone that emails in - or is cc'd into a reply in conversations. For some customers who manage through support, this will mean a large number of contacts can enter the database. The only way to prevent this at the moment is by setting filtering rules, as all filtered emails do not create contacts. There is a use case from a customer in this post..


This is a request to build a "Create contact" rule giving us the option to disable automtically creating contacts for people we communicate with in Conversations.


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Jun 5, 2020

Thank you all so much for this feedback and direction! I will be reviewing this with the team and will post an update. We have a few upcoming features that should address some of this pain so I will share in the next couple weeks as we have a more details. Thank you!

Jun 2, 2020

Hi - Thanks all for your feedback here! 


I wanted to dig in a bit to understand a bit more. From reading through this, it seems like there are two issues:

1. Auto creating contacts that cause clutter in the CRM

2. Adding contacts that you would have to pay for later when you might just be having a quick conversation and do not need to follow up with them. I am assuming this is for mostly support usecases?


Does that capture the usecases or if there are others would you provide them below! thanks!

Jan 14, 2020

Hi everyone, my name is Cambria - I'm a Product Manager on the Conversations team. Thank you to everyone who has upvoted this discussion, shared your use cases, and added your thoughts and opinions over the past several months.


Before we dive into things, I just want to say that this feature was absolutely not designed to push any of our customers above their contact tier limit.


Contacts are the beating heart of HubSpot, and we want to empower teams using the Inbox to have remarkable 1:1 conversations, largely leveraging the power of contacts so they can have a 360 degree view of who they're talking to and previous interactions they might've had with their team.


That said, we know there's a few problems with our current system.


1) Contact tier limits - we know this is a problem and we're exploring solutions internally on how we can address this.
2) Filtering - we need to improve our system for filtering spam/undesirable emails so they never get to the point where they're being added as contacts anyway. We're planning on tackling later this year after some core email infrastructure work we're doing in the first half of the year.


I know this may not be the response you hoped for, but thank you again for all your feedback and patience with this issue. We'll keep this post updated when we have further announcements to share on progress here

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@ASaeed @I think you might be missing the meaning of this issue. It isn't about just turning off email so personal contacts aren't entered into Hubspot. Instead, it's related to companies that use Service Hub to assist people who are not perspective leads. 

A bunch of B2B companies do support for their client's clients and don't want that end user's data stored in the system. 

for instance, we have 2000 customers, we have a lead list with another 8,000 prospects. But we have >1m people transacting on our system. We use Service Hub for this 1M people but they are not sales leads by any means. We don't want their data being mixed up with actual leads. Inevitably people start getting our marketing emails when they aren't potential leads. 


Another option, instead of giving the ability to stop creating contacts/companies from Service Hib would be to allow Service Hib to live in a completely separate account that is loosely connected to the master account. 



You're welcome 🙂


@iamathlete I believe you may be in the wrong thread. What you are asking for is for Hubspot to give you the ability to add multiple emails (perhaps a marketing@___.com, service@___.com , or even an info@___.com) and manage them by turning off one's ability to pull emails and leaving the other's on. I'm not sure if Hubspot can do this because I never tried to add more than one email, but I see you can add a personal ... perhaps try that and if that doesn't work start a new thread to suggest your idea?


This thread is mainly about the issue that it pulls every email address and builds a list inevitably, and that gets annoying, but most of us didn't realize that problem has been fixed ages ago ... I hope I am understanding your reply correctly.


@ASaeed As far as I can tell, the feature you're referring to only exists for personal emails, while this thread is about the general Conversations tool, in which you can link channels - like team emails - to inboxes. For that part, contacts are automatically created when emails come in through such a channel. Unless I'm missing a similar feature for channels, there is no way to disable the automatic contact creation yet.

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@ASaeed i did a bad explanation of what the thread is about (it isn't what you indicated). 

@rensdckw described it much more eloquently than I can


Hi @iamathlete, yes this is what is happening currently. But not sure if it is in service hub. My leads contact list is being filled with 25 odd contacts every day. 

I added my PA's email to the system and to enable her to get emails pulled from hubspot to Mailchimp and it has been a mess since. 

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Many of our clients would LOVE this feature. Sometimes communication needs to be visible to a team but not necessarily to create a contact in the database. The ability to be able to mark a contact to be created would be an amazing and MUCH NEEDED feature!

I second this request. Can you update the platform to ask the admin before auto creating a contact?
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Dear lord please address this HubSpot


My CEO is insisting we disconnect our emails and stop using the ticket and conversations platforms all together. 💔

This is such a shame. Please notify me when we can opt in or out of adding new incoming emails as contacts. 

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i just spun up a separate Hubspot portal and moving our Service out of our primary Hubspot portal.  It's far from efficient but it's going to take months to clean up the mess of data I have now.


As head of Marketing at our company, I have a few customer-facing email addresses, which unfortunately attracts a lot of SPAM.  Having a setting that allows me to choose whom I make as a contact would be a great help.  I am filtering now, which is partially working.   Thanks for your consideration.


Has there been any progress on this?  It's causing a huge amount of extra work.  Can we please get some action!


Please complete this. We currently have texting connected as a conversations inbox and send over 5000 texts per month. For every reply, we get a new contact is created which is around 30 - 40 per day. Building a list to remove contacts is less than ideal and taking up time of employees.


What is the current status of this feature.

And is there any possibily to now solve it with a rule or workflow (disable automatically adding contact for email senders)..

If so, how do we create this?

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I agree. What is the status of this claim? This is becoming an admin nightmare. please address asap.

Hello dear Hubspot team, +1, we need this!


Please Hubspot do something about this. 


We handle the support tickets of our users in the ticket pipelines and now we have no way to block contact generation.


So now we have to delete manually hundreds of contacts taking place in our CRM who are not interest of us to have in the database.