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Disable automatic contact creation for Conversations

HubSpot auto creates a contact for anyone that emails in - or is cc'd into a reply in conversations. For some customers who manage through support, this will mean a large number of contacts can enter the database. The only way to prevent this at the moment is by setting filtering rules, as all filtered emails do not create contacts. There is a use case from a customer in this post..


This is a request to build a "Create contact" rule giving us the option to disable automtically creating contacts for people we communicate with in Conversations.


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June 05, 2020 12:34 PM

Thank you all so much for this feedback and direction! I will be reviewing this with the team and will post an update. We have a few upcoming features that should address some of this pain so I will share in the next couple weeks as we have a more details. Thank you!

June 02, 2020 05:14 AM

Hi - Thanks all for your feedback here! 


I wanted to dig in a bit to understand a bit more. From reading through this, it seems like there are two issues:

1. Auto creating contacts that cause clutter in the CRM

2. Adding contacts that you would have to pay for later when you might just be having a quick conversation and do not need to follow up with them. I am assuming this is for mostly support usecases?


Does that capture the usecases or if there are others would you provide them below! thanks!

January 14, 2020 02:04 PM

Hi everyone, my name is Cambria - I'm a Product Manager on the Conversations team. Thank you to everyone who has upvoted this discussion, shared your use cases, and added your thoughts and opinions over the past several months.


Before we dive into things, I just want to say that this feature was absolutely not designed to push any of our customers above their contact tier limit.


Contacts are the beating heart of HubSpot, and we want to empower teams using the Inbox to have remarkable 1:1 conversations, largely leveraging the power of contacts so they can have a 360 degree view of who they're talking to and previous interactions they might've had with their team.


That said, we know there's a few problems with our current system.


1) Contact tier limits - we know this is a problem and we're exploring solutions internally on how we can address this.
2) Filtering - we need to improve our system for filtering spam/undesirable emails so they never get to the point where they're being added as contacts anyway. We're planning on tackling later this year after some core email infrastructure work we're doing in the first half of the year.


I know this may not be the response you hoped for, but thank you again for all your feedback and patience with this issue. We'll keep this post updated when we have further announcements to share on progress here

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Guys, just to let everyone know HubSpot has implemented marketing contacts

... Maybe this will help!


@BMottram thanks for the info. 


Still doesn't fix the issue. A simple On/Off, or disable button would do. 

It does if you take the time to read the instruction.
We have over 100 contacts per day that we dont want as marketing contacts
and we had to create a list to filter these out.

You can set a predefine to log all new contacts as none marketing ... if
you dont then yes you are charged for ALL contacts!


@BMottram I did take the time to read it, and thank you. However this isn't the or a solution that good enough. 


I want the option to turn off automatically of adding a conversation as a contact. I don't want to filter then out. I don't want they adding in the first place. 


This has been an issue for years after reading many different threads. I have spoken to support who suggested I up vote this thread, as I'm not the only person wanting this fix.



Why is this still an issue after three years? 


Lol, exactly. I can't believe I'm still getting email notifications about this thread 3 years later, and still no solution.  For a publicly traded company with a $308.00 USD price per share, it's amazing that they can't get this one simple aspect fixed.


PLEASE correct this issue for us. We use a Team Email for random inquiries, to accept purchase orders, etc. and it has also become a hub for spam outreach. Every single day, 10-20 spam / no-reply contacts are added minimum, and it is severely cluttering our CRM.


We simply want to turn off "auto-create contact" when someone emails a Team Inbox. If we want to create them, we can manually choose to do so. It has been three years since the Product Team indicated they were working on this -- can you please provide an update? Thanks so much!


Setting up our Hubspot Service now, and have run in to this issue. As this thread implies, this issue has existed for quite som time now. Please fix this, Hubspot.


I mean, even a typical inbox doesn't create problems like this.
There are currently 38 of these contacts in our duplicates reportThere are currently 38 of these contacts in our duplicates report


I really need this feature for my team. We want to turn off "auto-create contact" as it is cluttering our CRM with poor data quality contacts (missing first and last name) and is causing a nightmare to filter through valuable / non-valuable contacts. A simple On/Off, or disable button in the global settings for admins would be great. Thanks. 


Upvoting. We need the ability to only create contacts at our discression if they don't already exist in HubSpot. This seems like a big miss at this point to not have this capability. 


This is ridiculous. We have been using HubSpot for a few weeks now and already the CRM is clogged with unknown Contacts and Companies and we spend more time removing then actually adding and working with the ones we are interested in. 


It should be a feature to automatically add Contacts and Companies NOT the other way around. This should be basic core functionality that I as an admin can control who and when a contact or company is added to my CRM database. 


As this basic functionality has not been fixed for a number of years, it might be because it benefits HubSpot and it is worth keeping it even if customers complain. 🙁


We are already looking for other CRM systems that support smaller companies.


This is issue really needs to be resolved. It is making it very difficult to track the effectiveness of our advertising


Please change this!


My guess is that it is not a simple "fix". If they want to change to add this feature, it breaks more functions in Hubspot. 


I would love to see this solved. 

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The fix feels like it should be very simple - a toggle function to only record emails to pre-existing contacts and not auto-creating new ones. As an agency owner managing several HubSpot instances, this is consistently a frustration for clients AND a potential HR/privacy/legal issue.


I have discovered a solution that works for me


My hubspot is linked to my gmail. By unticking the "Turn on in box automation" field when setting it up the issue went away



Agreed, this is a major headache and a classic example of automation out of control.  Please give us the option to control this feature (i.e. turn it off), as otherwise it creates additional, unwanted admin work which is time consuming and frustrating. 


I second this. Any update¿



Could it be this simple? I just tested this and it seemed to work. 

In your inbox, you can select your log and track settings. If you get rid of logging new contacts, it won't create it in your CRM. 

Basically, you only want to log emails for exisiting contacts... these are either inbound leads or leads you have uploaded yourself as qualified to be in the system. 


It seems to be working for me.... hope it helps you!