Disable automatic contact creation for Conversations

HubSpot auto creates a contact for anyone that emails in - or is cc'd into a reply in conversations. For some customers who manage through support, this will mean a large number of contacts can enter the database. The only way to prevent this at the moment is by setting filtering rules, as all filtered emails do not create contacts. There is a use case from a customer in this post..


This is a request to build a "Create contact" rule giving us the option to disable automtically creating contacts for people we communicate with in Conversations.


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This needs to be a new feature! It's frustrating that spam or sales emails can trigger new contacts in your CRM and potentially exceed your contact limit costing you more money. 

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Hi - any update on this request.  This is a very annoying "feature".






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Not yet. I hope it gets resolved soon!

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We would love this feature. We support both partners and end users. We do not want end users being created as a contact as we don't want them to recieve any of our marketing emails, product updates email, or newsletters that are intended for our partners.  As of now, we've been told we need to set up filters/workflows/special fields - workarounds that are not ideal.


And reading the above comment makes me very nervous about spam email addresses being created as contacts as well - eek!

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Agree @ellent This is a crucial request.

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This would be huge. We use this for our accounting department and they get emails from customers and venders. It would be nice to not create a contact for ever vender. 


help! we're onboarding now and JUST turned on Conversations Inbox and literally have a dozen spammer or generic email we subscribe to that have created new contacts....

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This feature is very anoying. 
we need to delete hundreds of contacts whichs were generated from spam-mails, newsletters, CC-mails.

Please ask within the conversation before a new contact is generated.

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Please implement this feature!
I understand the filtering tool, but we cannot filter every spam/random email in the world, that is not efficient and needs continuous monitoring, which basically makes extra work instead of making the existing one easier. 
Thanks Smiley Happy 

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Just adding to all of the above! This is an incredible time waste of a problem, defeating the entire purpose of automated systems! I will have to disable inbound email completely (and could be driven away from the platform entirely) until this problem is solved by HubSpot.