Disable auto-assigning of HubSpot Owner

There are some unwanted changes being made in ownership behaviour. Anytime a user sends an email to a contact via HubSpot, contacts/companies are auto assigned to a user.


Sometimes customers can benefit from having the option to choose a HubSpot owner and making it a thoughtful and deliberate decision.


Before the owner field was blank and some users would like to keep it like this. At least until the users are ready to assign the contact/company to the user who would be best suited to nurture that relationship.


It would be super helpful to be able to disable this automatic-assign feature.

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That would be a great feature for us. We are impelenting the Inbound methodology and are trying to stick to Hubspot's terminology as much as possible. Hubspot defines a Sales Qualified Lead as:


"Sales Qualified Leads are those that your sales team has accepted as worthy of a direct sales follow-up. Using this stage will help your sales and marketing teams stay firmly on the same page in terms of the quality and volume of leads that you are handing over to your sales team."


In addition, we have agreed that Sales Reps cannot "own" leads in a stage before SQL. This is also in line with Hubspot's methodology where subscribers and leads are part of marketing.


That's why we want to disable the automatic assignment of users to contacts in the event of a tracked email.