Disable Lead Revisit Notifications for Specific Pages


The lead revisit notifications are a great feature.

On our website, we have a Login page for customers to access our product and for this single page, we would like to disable lead revisits notifications.

I understand this is not currently possible.

Could the ability to control which pages trigger a lead revisit notification, be included in a future update?


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This feature was available.  You could subscribe to a list for notifications instead of anyone who you're HubSpot owner of.  For some reason, that functionality was removed.  Please bring it back HubSpot!!


Kyle at IMPACT


It would also be great if we could have the ability to exclude tracking for the unsubscribe page on the daily notification/new prospects email. 


My team see a company on the email and think it's a great lead to follow up, but then after clicking through to investigate what they've done on the website, they see that they've just unsubscribed - so not a great lead, and not one to follow-up...  


I love this chain of ideas. There are three other submissions that are related to this one: 

Our team is becoming inundated by all of the uneccesary revisit notifications for partners, reps and vendors. We'd love to at minimum filter this out. 


Upvoting in hopes this is on the roadmap. 


I would love to see this feature, as well. Specifically, I would like to use it to block notifications for our email preferences/unsubscribe page. 


We need this feature as well!


We definately need to be able to customize lead revisit notifications. Some ways to achieve this:


1) Lead status. Leads with a certain lead status would not trigger a notification. Great for turning off notifications for internal employees, competitors or leads that you have deemed a bad fit for your company.


2) Turning off revisit notifications for certain pages or parts of your website.


3) Turning off lead revisit notifications via a list that you maintain.


Please consider implementing this, HubSpot.


+1 for refining the revisit notifications — we don't need or want them to trigger on our support page, or with support form submissions, as a prime example. 


It would be great if I could turn off notifications for some of the contacts where the developer's are  testing.