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Disable/Enable HubSpot Insights for each field seperately


At the moment, Insights does not work for every field properly. (More info here:


You already implemented an option to disable it completely. (


This is not ideal, as some information is correct and we want to benefit from it.



Provide the option to enable and disable Insight on a field basis instead of as a whole.




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This would be very beneficial for our use case as well. Since Insights has started to clear demographic information completely (such as country/region) which we use in lead scoring, our only option is to turn it off completely and rely on an external integration for demographic information. 


This would be very helpful as we push our own data for address for exmaple into HubSpot.


any update with this one?  the ability to have it auto populated company info is great, but it spits out and ABUSRD number for contract value that we then have to go in and detract.  please either 1) fix that logic or 2) create the ability to select with fields use your hubspot insights.


Insight does a really good job for a few fields. Most of the 22 fields have little value for us. But the data quality for some fields that are important to us is really poor.  It created a reall mess in our DB.  Have to do a complete DB cleansing exercise. Being able to activate separately for each field should be possible. Right now, either activated of deactivated is increasing our DB management costs. 


Any update on this idea ?  We originally implemented HubSpot with Insights activated but quickly switched it off because we were getting Company and Contact data (address, city, zip code etc.. which we use in other workflows to allocate to users) being incorrectly generated based on the domain info. Example: Adidas USA contacts/companies were getting data from Adidas Germany HQ in Munich because the contacts all share the same domain name in their email address.  Somebody has now mistakenly turned on Insights in our HS settings and it has now populated many fields across our whole database ... does anybody know of a way to identify in HS which fields in contact/company records have been completed via a HS Insight (other than scanning every record for the i symbol) ? 

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Yes! Yes! Yes! It's one things to get sales or employees, but if the address is wrong invoices go to the wrong places and are never paid...better no data than false data!


Much needed! As we rely on accurate company data, we disabled the insights function. However, we would like to have certain fields such as company names filled in.