Disable Click Tracking On a Per-Email Basis

It would be really useful to turn off click tracking in emails, particularly automated emails, in the marketing component. We get a lot of complaints about the appearance of links in emails like password resets, invoices, etc., with customers often contacting our support to verify if an email is real before clicking on it. As we don't need tracking on the emails, the ability to display a simple URL would be useful.

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I agree.  I think it should be possible to turn off link tracking in Marketing Starter.  This would be universally or on an individual link basis.  For one, the long unique URLs probably trigger spam filters.  Second, in a highly regulated industry the recipients are trained to be extra-wary of malicious emails.  They'll hover over the link and see how spammy it looks, deterring them from a click-through.  Both open rate and click rate are affected by link tracking.


Simply inserting a regular, non-tracking link into a marketing email should not be an exclusive feature.

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We'd like to generate custom links for clients, based on a personality token, so it would be great to not include HubSpot's click tracking params on the hyperlink

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YES! We absolutely need this! 


We're currently trying to get universal links to function our iOS app and Hubspot's link wrapping breaks this. 


Essentially, everyone who clicks one of our emails on an iphone is sent to our mobile website, instead of automatically opening our mobile app. 


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this is very important! 

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My use case: I'd simply like to not track specific links so they don't appear in the email report. That way, my stats like CTR actually reflect what I want to know about the email, rather than having to do a lot of manual math afterward because some folks clicked on links like our privacy statement etc.