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Disable Caller ID

Looking for a way to have caller ID disabled or use a company number for outbound calls in the HubSpot app. This way customers will not be recieving personal phone numbers from our staff if they are using their own cell.

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Hi there. We are having the same probelm. We are a small firm who only want out going calls going out, we do not want people to be able to call us back. I am using a Mobile phone and calling through the CRM as all calls have to be tracked. 1 it looks really unprofessional having a mobile number.... 2 it's going to cause us cutomer issues if their calls are not being answered! I have tried to not show my caller ID on my phone and that does not work. 


We have a team of virtual support and using their private numbers via hubspot is unhelpful as they are not online all the time and business calls back to a private number is not ideal.


agree - until this ability to hide outbound number exists, we can't use this.


Concordo, também temos aqui o problema de muitos clientes não aceitarem a ligação por aparecer o DDD+Número.


Having the same issue here! This is a key feature for our business as we don't want to offer inbound calling at all.