Different subscription to primary and secondary email on a contact card


In HubSpot we have integration with Microsoft CRM. In CRM, primary mail is the mail that is job-related and that sales uses in communication regards to orders and invoices etc.


In HubSpot we also have primary and often a secondary mail. We often experience that a contact wants to distinguish between private and work-related email. And we have a good number of customers who work in the state and are not allowed to subscribe to newsletters from suppliers, such as ourselves. Then we are often told that we want the private email to be used in communication regarding marketing emails.


The challenge then starts with duplicates in HubSpot. If we merge a private and a work email into a contact card, it will sync to CRM and our salespeople will then communicate with a new primary email which may then have become a private email. That's unfortunate.


Our contacts in HubSpot subscribe to various emails from us. Whether job mail is primary and as it should be with our CRM in mind. If that email has opt-out of emails from us but wants to get it as a private person then the system will not send marketing email to secondary mail, will it?


It should be possible to look at a contact card with several emails related to what each email subscribes to. For what else is the point of a secondary email? Is this in the pipeline to get fixed? Otherwise, we will have to have two contacts and a number of duplicates in our system to be able to communicate differently to the two emails.


In order to be GDPR compliant, this should be highlighted and prioritized.


Hopefully this will be solved soon.