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Different "Meta Title" than Blog Title

This idea has been submitted  as "Different Title Tag than Page Title"and took attention to different points of the concept in my opinion. 

I want to summarize the title that we can think of on this regard. 
This idea is about the Blog post templates and the number of titles we have when considering a HS blog post. 

As we all know, the website and landing pages offer two options; 
* Internal page name 
* Page Title  = Meta Title

However, the blog post page offers only the second one even though the editors / users tend to use it also as an internal page name. That's where the confusion happens. 

Blog Title : This is the only default option as the title that we see under the Settings tab like shown in the SS below. Blog Title.png


2) H1 element as the main title of the blog post:  If the editor wants to use a different heading ( as H1 element ) inside the blog post, this can be managed by a custom module in the template. You can check Derek's answer here.

3) Meta Title: Besides that,  you may have noticed the US postfix in my screenshot given above. What if I have 3 versions of the same post ( in 3 languages ) , and in order to differentiate them in the portal, I need to use the "Blog title" just like the "Internal Page name" that we use for the website pages?   For that, I need to use a prefix because I cannot filter blog posts without it inside the portal. That's fine, however, this Blog Title is used as the Meta page title which will end up with postfixes at this case.  This is not the desired result for sure. 

We can add an additional meta title like 

<title>{{ widget_data.page_title.body.value }}</title>

However, having a new one along with the Blog Title which is being placed by HS automatically will not be good for the sake of SEO . 

The question is how can we have a different Page Title than the Blog Title that I need to use as an internal page name? 

and why we do not have 2 options for blog posts like we have for web pages ? 

This is really limiting and we really need to resolve it!


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