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Different pipeline, different about this deal.

Hi everyone,


Our company uses multiple pipelines that base on our departments.

For example, our AE department always uses the pipeline name "2019 - AE", My department is CS that we use the pipeline name "2019 - CS".

But we have very different operating mode, So we need different properties to display, like "about this deal".

螢幕快照 2019-05-16 上午10.14.16.png

There is the same properties display in any deal of pipeline. Maybe the CS department doesn't need the property "Closed lost reason" but AE needs the property. 

Or CS department needs the property name "Contract Type" but AE doesn't need it.


I suggest "about this deal"should be displayed in the different pipeline and can show the customize properties.

Just like the pic that is the "Edit colums" we can customize that.

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Yes! Different fields are either more or less important based on the pipeline. Our company does training and also coaching. We have custom deal fields based on those separate pipelines. The custom fields we created only apply to one or the other. 


Thank you for review and upvote this!

I think that is a big issue any that hubspot users distressed it.


Definitely agree here as well. This would be very useful as we are also creating a new Pipeline specifically for qualifying leads/prospects.  The properties in this pipeline differ tremendously from our Sales Deal Pipeline.


This is something that we absolutely need. We have pipelines that are so different from each other that default properties displayed on the deal page simply makes no sense for some. 

Since you already implemented customization based on teams, I don't see why you shouldn't have this feature already available


This is something we need as well, being able to put different default 'about this deal' properties per pipeline.