Different email accounts logging their emails into the relevant HubSpot account


I would like to have multiple HubSpot accounts capture (only) the emails from their login email when using the HubSpot Sales Outlook extension.

I.E. when sending/receiving from/to bob@abc.com those emails are recorded in my HubSpot account belonging to abc.com. \

when  sending/receiving from/to bob@xyz.com those emails are recorded in my HubSpot account belonging to xyz.com
Good for marketeers who work for multiple clients, good for Hubspot, as thet will want to use Hubspot in multiple clients...

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Yes, something should be done asap because at the moment my personal contacts and emails are in danger of being copied to my work HubSpot account as I use both email accounts in Outlook 2019 with the hubspot plugin. There needs to be a way to tell hubspot to ignore a specific "from" address. Please hurry up and do this!


New user here. Very surprised that this is not standard functionality. Unacceptable, really.


I started using Hubspot because one of my clients asked me to do so. I liked it so much that I added an account for my marketing consulting business, and was planning to begin recommending it as my "go-to" CRM solution for new and existing clients.


I just put a hard STOP to those recommendations until this problem gets resolved.


Also a new user - and now need to modify how I navigate between work and personal email use on the same client.  Given sensitivity to privacy these days, I expected this to be job zero.


I have the same issue and the lack of this functionality creates a lot of extra work for me.